Not Enough

Not Enough

A Poem by Natalie Dieudonne


You say that you're not enough

That you don't deserve me

Yet you still want a place in my life


You say you tried everything in your power not to hurt me

Yet my heart is bleeding uncontrollably


You wanted to keep things casual

 No label No title

Yet you knew your name was already labeled on my heart


You wanted me to give you my heart

And I did completely

Yet you never offered me yours


How selfish can you be to ask for something you are unwilling to give in return

So blinded with your desire that it shadowed my own


Learn and understand the true meaning of love before you utter it's existence

For without the knowledge of it, it's only empty promises


Knowing the depth of my love you refuse to let me go

Yet you do nothing to keep it

Thinking because it was unconditional I would never leave


But you're right

You don't deserve me

For my love is a treasure that should never be taken for granted


So you are not enough

Your love was not enough

And apparently neither was mine 

Yet why is it so hard to let go

© 2014 Natalie Dieudonne

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i really enjoyed this piece

its so true about addictions, you know its bad for you but you cant stop

very nice writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

Natalie Dieudonne

7 Years Ago

Yeah its hard to break the cycle.
Thank you so much for reading...
Addiction of love is the worst one in this world, as you know you're dying deep down inside you; but you still follow your own killer!
As you even love the way he or she will torture your soul, consider you as his or her loyal slave and for granted...your poem shared all the pain and ask many questions!
As always I truly love reading your work, because with your words you touch hearts of your readers; just the way you touched mine. Epic.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Natalie Dieudonne

7 Years Ago

Aw, thank you my friend. Your words are always honest.
Letting the pain out is therapeutic :).. read more
A. Amos

7 Years Ago

You're most welcome
The ending is more than sad, sad, sad .. and if needing to mention quality writing rather than emotion, its stunningly, joltingly unexpected. From the start to that finish, you surely express what others might but you're the one with the words, weeping words too, written between gulps and sobs - perhaps. So hope this is imaginative writing.. if not, if true, must be more than painful.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Natalie Dieudonne

7 Years Ago

Unfortunately, its not imaginative writing. But in life we go through these things. It helps to writ.. read more
Omg I love this piece. I can really relate to this. As this was me a few years ago. I love the line - so blinded with your desire that It shadowed my own- that pretty much sums it up. But it really is hard to let go when you feel that maybe it wasn't given a good shot. It's that longing to finish it and see where it goes even though we know it won't end anywhere useful! Really really great poem! It took me back!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Natalie Dieudonne

7 Years Ago

It really makes me smile when others can relate to my writing...
Yeah letting go is hard but i.. read more

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Added on May 22, 2014
Last Updated on May 22, 2014
Tags: pain, love, release


Natalie Dieudonne
Natalie Dieudonne

Miami, FL

Writing has always been the outlet to my emotions. Even as a child I had imaginary stories instead of imaginary friends. It has always been in my blood but I never had the courage to seriously pursue .. more..


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