i miss you paula. :)

i miss you paula. :)

A Story by leinahtan

this would be just an excerpt from one of my last gmail chat with Paula, a friend from where i'm working who i have a big crush on. <3 she's 26 and i'm 19.

me: why??
 joanne: Coz i have to go to singapore. Asap
6:02 AM me: that sucks.
 joanne: Look at the brighter side.
6:03 AM At least u get to have a chance to try survey(it's the project that she's on)
   Coz there'd be an open slot when i'm gone. 
 joanne: No more ffg. (Federal Financial Group)
me: hahahahahah! that's crazy. i don't accept that as a bright side. 
 me: hmm i've always have the idea that you don't suit this job. and i've always known you'd go, shortly. but now here it is, it just made me sad.
6:05 AM :D i wish you all the best paula, as you deserve the best. i will keep the memory of the sound of your laugh with me a very long time. 
6:06 AM joanneHihi.. Pssstt..
  Lemme remind you
  Im not dying anytime soonme: i know.:Pjoanne: Myb coz of my smoking n drinkingjoanne: But not soon as in soooonnnn.me: hahaha. we all are ill fated to die from the moment we were born, so what's there to lose? and besides, life isn't a race of who's gonna go first or last, and if it is, nobody get's to the finish line alive after all. hahajoanne: Ur too young to think of things.. Though i agree.. Hihi..Ur too young to think of things that way. joanne: N y do u think that i dnt suit this job?
 me: because you're too beautiful for either ffg or any survey they can give you.
6:07 AM joanne: Hihi..
  my dodong nat2x (dodong means "little")
  Enough with the flattery
  I dont see me as being beautiful
6:08 AM Beauty. I perceive that as wats insyd a person.
6:09 AM 
 me: inner beauty is an idea. in a perfect world, everybody sees the beauty inside, but in this not so perfect world, beauty is what meets the eye and what is happening behind the eyes when they see beauty.:)
6:12 AM joanne: Hihi.. Ur being idealistic and thats mainly because ur young..
 me: i think your laugh's beautiful, and i'm sure it's coming from the insides of your gut! hahaha
 joanne: I love conversing with idealistic people. It reminds of how ideas striked me before
 me: now i'm the one who's idealistic? :3 haha. nahh, i believe in what i see. i mean, ideas are good but too much idea isn't. hahah

© 2011 leinahtan

Author's Note

:) so this is how Filipinos chat.

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Goo Filipinos:D I'm only a tough but heck go flip go!!!!:) haha!!
Im a fourth German a fourth Filipino white and a whole bunch moe

And I agree with her I don't think Im beautiful ether lol :)


Posted 8 Years Ago

kewl the way a Filipino kid talks to a woman! ahahahaha

Posted 8 Years Ago

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