silent as a candlelight

silent as a candlelight

A Poem by leinahtan

looking back.

i am silent as a candlelight,
wondering where the stars are tonight.

has the wind finally blown them away?
wish i came early with my good-byes to say.

the new moon knows nothing
of where the stars are drifting now,
not the jet black skies,
nor the dark silver clouds.

and this candlelight flame that sways
in rather the most random of ways,
burning vermillion is my lone companion.
or perhaps, is it dancing on a melody
which it's so greedy enough share?

if so, then i am truly alone.
with no wishing stars, no even a spark, to my night.
do i even have a night to call my own?

it's a windless but cold silence,
the evening inquires me where you are.
if i seek for you in the dark.
is there a chance i'll find you?

i long for your burning embrace,
no, i know all i need is to see you face.
unfreeze me once more with your feverish grace
you've vanished and managed to leave no trace.

i miss you
i love you
i need you here and now.

we had years full of smiles and tears

but none of them can matter somehow
cos right at this hour, i miss you
and that's all i can care about.

so if i burn a thousand candlelight
to paint us a starry starry night--
won't you be too tired to make that flight back
just to breathe with me the same air?
just to see me cry at the sight of your smile
cos i miss you setting me on fire
by the spark in your kiss.
let me beg you of this;

relieve me of my fear and doubt.
be as close to me to breathe in
what you breathe out...

and all the stars, and moon and skies
would be as silent as a candlelight
when you're at my side.

the universe would've been noiseless as nonexistent.

if only you was her, tonight...

© 2013 leinahtan

Author's Note

the last stanza i though of, was supposed to be "if only you were here."

but when i looked at it, i was made aware of the "slip" that occurred.

it's a subconscious intention which slipped through to compromise. so i left it that way. HAHAHAHA

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"have the wind finally blown them away?" It should be "has" instead of "have"
I like the way you wrote this. It is unique

Posted 7 Years Ago

Kind of amazing really, i like this set up,
strong emotional read as well. Enjoyed

Posted 7 Years Ago

ex grlfriend?

Posted 7 Years Ago

This, I am in love with. Normally I wouldn't be a huge fan of the odd fonts and visual aspects in poetry, because I like them to have a focus only on words. However, you have done this tastefully and with purpose. Flawless. I really have enjoyed this greatly. Please keep writing, I plan to follow you more closely (:

Posted 7 Years Ago

I don't know how to react with it....

Posted 8 Years Ago

true and unexpected

Posted 8 Years Ago

We don't choose whom we love... just whom we like.


Posted 8 Years Ago

popcorn, u like? ☺☺☺

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like the way you write. With a style that keep the reader attention and make them want to read more.
"it's a windless but cold silence,
the evening inquires me where you are.
if i seek for you in the dark.
is there a chance i'll find you?"
So many statements stood out in this poem. The above lines were my favorite. Thank you for a excellent poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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