The Seige Begins

The Seige Begins

A Chapter by Deepshikha

It's happening. Explosion of a past life, explosion of a window. Same difference, really.

It was here, it was finally here. The test. The chemistry test that had ravaged Arushi and Deepshikha, as well as all of their classmates. Deepshikha and Swathi entered into the chemistry room first, where their teacher, Mr. Markson, stood near the door, holding answer sheets. The two girls quickly took their sheets, both of them feeling uncomfortable in a way that had absolutely nothing to do with the impending exam. Unusually, neither of the girls said a word to each other as they took seats on the lab tables, as both felt that opening their mouths would break the tenuous hold normalcy had on the day.
As the two began their tests, more of their classmates poured into the room, some whispering furiously between themselves, some studying faster than they had ever thought possible, and some starting to feel visibly sick. No one, however, including Arushi, who had walked in with Deanne, made eye contact with Mr. Markson.
The tension in the room was palpable, and none of the students were at any ease while taking the test.
Last to enter the room were Lucas Carmichael and his friend, Julian Hilby. The two also walked in the room much as the other did, but they had no qualms about making eye contact with Mr. Markson, even talking to him and asking last minute questions.
Soon, though, everyone had completely settled into their seats; all tests were passed out, and the students were clacking away at their calculators, gnawing on their pencils in deep thought, or furiously writing on their papers.

All continued in this way until a Deepshikha heard something smack glass. She turned towards the window closest to her, one that was literally on the edge of her lab table, and saw that there was a small crack that had not been there before. She turned back to her paper, but before she could concentrate once again, the noise rung out once more.
This time, Swathi also looked up to see the crack in the glass. It had gotten larger - considerably so. The two friends caught each others eyes, and both glanced at Arushi, who was staring the glass. Another smack rang out, and Arushi's eyes widened, as she realized what was to happen.
"DUCK!" she cried, breaking the silence that had reigned. Deepshikha and Swathi dove under their lab table as the window shattered, and glass shards rained on where they had been sitting.
The students writing their exams realized what had happened and started talking amongst themselves, but they were silenced as the rest of the glass in the windows started to crack as well. Deepshikha and Swathi hurried themselves from underneath the bench and ran for safety to the other side of the room, followed by the rest of the students.
It was just as well, for the other windows shattered, raining glass everywhere. The students ducked under lab tables closest to them, and farthest from the windows, and Arushi, Deepshikha, and Swathi found themselves underneath a table together.
"What the hell is going on?" cried Swathi, as a shower of arrows started to rain upon the lab table where she had been sitting.
Deepshikha's hands curled into fists. "I don't exactly know, but I do know one thing-"
"We have to fight it, whatever it is," finished Arushi.
As the first tirade stopped, the three girls looked to see snow-white birds sitting on the tail of the arrows, each crooning a morbid lullaby.

© 2010 Deepshikha

Author's Note

I know the chapters are unbearably short, but that's kinda how they're meant to be.

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Added on July 16, 2010
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