Others v.s. Memory

Others v.s. Memory

A Poem by Navara-Desen

When you lose one and people tell you they weren't alive. What do you do with only memories left inside?


Forgotten and left behind,

Alone with no more than their thoughts

Then the pain of hearing,

That the one was false

The pain of loss, topped with the pain of their lies;

Brings forth the anger appointed inside.

The calm minds around try to sooth the anger,

But the sadness of the words will always remain.

To be told it’s fake and that the one wasn't real,

Brings for a pain deeper than what can be seen

Anger that covers the pain right inside,

Though others around to try to raise your spirits; to tell you its ok,

The fact that the life that you know is true,

Is thought as nothing but fake to another,

Rips you down.

Till you are lifted off the ground by the true memories inside.

The memories you hold of the person is true,

And seems to be the only reminder that you know the truth.

Others may turn and tell you it’s a lie,

But in the end they don’t share the memories that you nestle inside.

As much as the anger seems to arouse,

As much as the sadness grows deep down inside,

As you hear their thought and you remember their death,

Just remember the times you share with that one.

The times that are real and not a fake.

The times that don’t lie to you like the ones around.

Share those memories and reach calmness inside,

For your Memories cannot lie.

© 2012 Navara-Desen

Author's Note

A poem a wrote for an entry in a poetry competition. It got me third place so i was rather happy with that. It's not meant to rhyme but to get across a lesson. Did i do a good job? thanks for reading!

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Added on December 20, 2012
Last Updated on December 20, 2012
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Hi! My name is Erica, though writing wise i love using the name Navara-Desen. So you can call me either Erica or Navara i really don't mind either. Now a little about me? hmm...where shall i begin. .. more..