Transparent Plea

Transparent Plea

A Story by Navara-Desen

"I wish you dead, but yet still...i wish...i wish to be you."


                I truly cannot comprehend why you all complain as such you do. You strike at all things present and set without once contemplating what is in existence around; never once giving a minuscule though on those that cannot be expected to be thought for; for something hidden beneath the very noses that rest amongst your face. I am stricken with detestation, wrath, and fury but only the shallow feelings of remorse and melancholy remain. Truly grasping a hold of the rage to unleash upon your kind is something that I, a minuscule being, cannot accomplish without deep preparation. Even with such practice can that level naught be attained for with rage I would be lost wouldn't I?

                So I sit here, right behind you, beside you, in front of you, above you, below you; I sit there and wait. Pause for my simple self to be seen by an individual such as your mighty selves.  Where I watch I envy you, I wish for your end for you have what presences like me can never attain; you have something I will never know a sensation of. Yet I do not feel envy of the feeling; I am envy of the form.

                To be seen is a gift I will never open, to be seen is a feeling I will never experience, to be seen will be a reward I will never be granted for whom  would grant such a request from a simpleton  like me. Though this simpleton I speak of is naught common like the human you are.

                I detest you. I despise you. I hate you. I wish you dead. But yet still… I wish…

I wish to be you.

                I wish to be anything but what I am; something never to be seen by those that stride beside me, even those who recognize my life cannot see me. I am nothing but an illusion, a ghost, a shadow, a soul, a spirit; I am a creature never to be seen, always to be misinterpreted, and always to be dreaded.

                I am alone, and you yet complain of everyone you have, of everything you are granted. You protest of a body that is injured, you grumble of illness…I dream of those things. I dream of it all. How could you all take something like that for granted! You creatures I detest more than anything but at the same time, I take hold as if precious to my life. Why you confuse me I will naught know.

© 2013 Navara-Desen

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Author's Note

I'm not really sure where this came from, it just appeared somewhere in my head and i couldn't get it out so i wrote it down. A small little complain from a hidden source. Thanks for reading!

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Added on February 6, 2013
Last Updated on February 6, 2013
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Hi! My name is Erica, though writing wise i love using the name Navara-Desen. So you can call me either Erica or Navara i really don't mind either. Now a little about me? hmm...where shall i begin. .. more..