Fleeing Shadows

Fleeing Shadows

A Chapter by Navara-Desen

She had gotten away, but what else could there be left for her


                           It had felt like hours upon end of walking without any true inside meaning or thought of where to go. She felt her cloven legs grow weary and ready to collapse below her lean, yet powerful frame. She wasn’t one to last long in her leukrokottas form for every step felt like she was walking in a cast covered in spikes.  She hated every waking moment of transforming for it felt as if she was exploding several times in her small frame. To her going from human to leukrokottas was much worse due to the sudden switch from two to four legs. When returning to a human form she was use to the pain and therefore didn’t hate it so much. Still she knew she must do it to get away from the same people who did this dreaded thing to her; even if it meant using the form they themselves gave her. The form they gave her for their own personal gain.

                She was human once, completely human not some were beast she is now. Before she was wiped from existence and records she was a small town girl with every friend imaged. She loved every moment of her life and everything she did, she even enjoyed school because she could see all her friends. She competed in several sports and even was an artist.

Then on her 18th birthday she was taken away by her own father, turned into a monster, and trained to fight in battles, wars, and spy missions. She was 19 now and wanted out, so she got out. Who ever heard of humans who could hold down a leukrokottas? In fact who had ever heard of a live leukrokottas? She had often questioned why it was a leukrokottas they choose instead of something like a dragon or a titan, though she knew she would never find out the answer for to do that would involve her going back and she wasn’t going back until the day she killed them.

                “This should do,” she finally spoke and her voice sounded rasp like a twenty year old male, yet under all the fancy polish a beast raging to kill could be heard. She growled as she felt the fur peel off her body and whined as she felt the bones rekindle themselves into a position for human posture. She tried to retain her voice; for any noises could give her away, could send her right back to the hole she began in. Getting caught would surely mean she wasn’t going to get out again.

  By the end of it she fell onto her back, exhausted and tired to the point of fainting. Still she did not faint for she knew fainting would lead to her end as well. “I have to get out of here.” Her voice hummed as if she wasn’t a monster at all, it hummed as if she was fully human and could do no harm. ‘If I have done my math correct my home should not be too far from here,’ she told herself as if trying to re-establish any hope she could hold in her body, ‘though it’s not like I can return there after being taken off the records of existence. My mom might not even know who I am anymore…if she is still alive.’

                She lagged as she stood up from the lying position she was in; but of course she would when her body just went through hell and back it sounded as to anyone who could hear her transforming. She could feel the bones crack a little more as she stood and winced in the deep pain she felt. She stretched a little; reaching for her toes, waving her arms over her chest, and titling her neck back and forth but still nothing seemed to get rid of the tight and sore feeling she had. ‘Shouldn’t expect any different; this is the pain I will be stuck with for my whole life after all.’ She hated every moment of her life, and she hated it more because her father was the main cause of her suffering.

                It was hours on end before she emerged from the forest she had walked. Around some streetlights seemed to light the way home; though her home would no longer be a place to return to, not after being stricken as a monster and taken away. There were not many houses on the road due to there being almost all woods around. No one even knew of the place she ran from only a couple hours away. It was a small town with not many people, and the people who did live there didn’t go into the woods because of the wolves and bears that hunted in them.

Upon walking down the street cars went by and some even slowed down to look at the girl on the side of the road. To any normal person she looked like the perfect blond; and idiot walking in the dead of night. To those who actually took the time to look it was apparent she was in the woods, her jeans torn and muddy from running and her shirt ripped from the branches and thorns she ran into. Though for those who took to time to look her in the eyes she had, could see a monster in sheep’s clothing raging to strike down anyone who appeared in its way.

                “You think one of them would stop for me?” She couldn’t help but ask as if someone would answer her questions. She sighed as she relaxed her legs from walking by sitting on the side of the road. As she rested she could hear the lone steps of a single person. ‘Female, about my age, medium height, lean, not too strong; doesn’t seem like an enemy to me.’ She lectured in her head as she relaxed more, unafraid of the girl approaching for she could tell with her fading to normal human level senses. That was her favorite part of being what she was; when she returned to a human form she still had her senses for a little while after. It made it much easier to tell who was going to hurt her or not.

 When the girl grew closer however she stood up from her spot and grew tense, glancing over to the lone girl who had by stopped not too far from here. Even though there appeared to be no apparent danger she couldn’t help but be worried. She did just escape from the government’s hold and now-a-days anyone could work for the government.

                “What are you doing out here alone at night.” The girl said to the leukrokottas with no idea that was what it was. There was moment of brief silence between the two before a gestures of silence was given to the girl who at the time was about to speak again.

                “Nothing,” she told the girl who stood in her wake now, tossing aside the human mentally knowing in a fight she would win because the girl in front of her appeared to be weak and unable to hold her own. Though she took a deep breath and continued to speak, “Though if you want to know the truth, I’m fleeing.” 

© 2013 Navara-Desen

Author's Note

This is my attempt at continuing the short story. I normally can't keep the same flow from the first chapter but i am giving my best foot forward. If you can think of ways to improve just let me know. Thanks for reading.

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Added on March 6, 2013
Last Updated on March 8, 2013
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Hi! My name is Erica, though writing wise i love using the name Navara-Desen. So you can call me either Erica or Navara i really don't mind either. Now a little about me? hmm...where shall i begin. .. more..