Fleeing Shadows

Fleeing Shadows

A Chapter by Navara-Desen

She finally can relax, but she needs rest and where can she go?


                She laughed as the girl said nothing and walked away from her, as if not wanting to be troubled anymore. As the girl slowly walked away the leukrokottas she gave a glance back; though to the girls eyes she was staring at a young blond haired girl that had been running through the woods. “I should try that more often.” The blond haired girl finally said when she was alone again. She sighed as she noticed her senses normal again and the throbbing pain that surged through her arms and legs. “I wish I could be done with this.”

                A couple more cars went by, some speeding and some barely moving, before she decided to get up and move along. Every step dragged on as her body protested more and more. It seemed that her muscles were screaming at her to let go and fall face first on the solid pavement. ‘I need to find a place to rest before I faint from pain,’ she muttered mentally to herself as she made her way to more and more populated areas.

                Even though she grew up in the town she had no idea where she was going. She had never gone to this side of her small town much because she was warned to stay away from the woods by her father; now she knew why. In fact as she walked and drifted off to thoughts of her deranged father she grew to question how she couldn’t notice what he was going to do sooner. ‘He would always treat me like an experiment. He would always make sure I was with him when I went out. I should have figured it out by now. This is just a disgrace.’ She continued to pester herself mentally before tripping on a rock, sending a surging bolt of pain through her entire body and stopping at her head. She grasped her head in panic that the pain was never going to cease when she noticed a small sign that simple read.

One Night for free for those under the age of 21”

                As soon as she finished those words she walked up to the door. ‘I forgot many people in this town help those under age,’ she thought to herself as she rang the doorbell. She knew naught of how late it was and didn’t seem to care for she just wanted to rest.

                Soon an older woman answered the door, “My look like we have a young girl here tonight. Didn’t think we would get anyone since it was midnight.” As the older woman looked over the young blond haired girl she smiled. “Well what are you doing out here, come in here and allow me to make you something nice to drink. Then after you can take a shower and I’m sure we can find some clothes for you. Unless you want to sleep, that is always an option and judging by how exhausted you are that will be better.” With the words said the young girl made her way to the kitchen.

                Much like many of the houses in the town it was made of wood, solid oak wood. There weren’t many ‘newer’ appliances besides for the basics that any home needed for survival. Even though it appeared as if it was old and run down on the outside, a lot of the wood being chipped or broken, the inside was very friendly. Many of the walls were wood but some were painted different colors. There was a small TV, and a group of couches in the living room. In the kitchen there was a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave, a dishwasher, some cabinets, and a table with chairs, a sink, and various other tools used in the kitchen.  All the appliances seemed old but usable.

                When the young girl sat down in one of the chairs there was a small glass of water in front of her. “What can I call you young lady,” The woman finally asked her.

                ‘Oh no, I didn’t think about that. I can’t just tell her my normal name or something might happen,’ she thought in her head as she took a sip of the water. Eventually after she put it down she smiled at the older woman. “Lisa.” She simply stated and took another sip of her water. When the old lady smiled and walked away Lisa sighed. ‘Have to remember I’m Lisa now.’

                The old lady soon came back and smiled again, “There is a spot for you upstairs Lisa. I am going to the living room but if you walk up the stairs it is your first door on the right. Pardon the simple décor, we don’t use it very often since most kids have a home.”

                “I’m sorry to trouble you,” Lisa gave a frown though on the inside she was panicking and praying the woman didn’t think anything of her being there.

                “Not to worry,” the woman spoke, “I put the sign out there for people like you. Now get some rest you look tired. I will have breakfast in the morning and then after you can take a shower and get some new cloths like a mentioned earlier.”

                Lisa nodded and stood again, feeling the pain once again in her limbs. She now had a headache due to the sudden change in environment and movement. Still she smiled as if nothing was wrong; she smiled as if the cuts didn’t hurt, as if her body didn’t burn, as if her legs weren’t throbbing, and as if her head didn’t feel like it was about to explode. All she did was walk, up the wooden stairs, down the bare wooden hallway, into the room the old woman mentioned to her. She did however give a glance to the other doors trying to guess what each one would be. She also tried to see if she could spot a man in the house. ‘Wonder if the woman is alone.’ Lisa commented as she walked into her room for the night.

                Like she was told it was rather bland. No color, no life, no real furniture except for a bed. When she sat on the bed it would be hard and painful for any person who spelt on one every night but to her it was heaven. She hadn’t slept on a real bed for a year or even more. When she was in the lab she was in steel rooms, and iron door and walls. There was no place that was soft, warm, friendly, or inviting. There was nothing like the home she was in now. After all what type of hell would have something that she could look forward to everyday?

                As she sat on the bed, that also had very soft blankets that were a simple green in color and pillows matching the color, she looked out the lone window in the room. The window reminded her of the lab because she also only had a window there. The window didn’t show her much, just trees, but when she looked out it she felt happy and free. This window had the same effect on here even in the middle of the night and nothing could be seen besides for darkness and the moon. She wanted to walk towards the window and touch its cold glass and solid case as if making sure she was really free but it wasn’t long till her head hit the pillow and the idea of getting up vanished in the air. As it did she let out a sigh of joy as the pain seemed to disappear from her body. True it still ached as if it was being used but besides for the aching, the body was happy.

                She looked at the ceiling of the house for a little while, not sure of when to wake up or what she should do when she wakes up. She wasn’t even sure if she would be able to sleep despite how tired she was. She was afraid of everything even if she wore the hard shell and masked anything she felt. ‘Guess I should start with finding my home and seeing if I can sneak in and get something’s there. Then I have no idea what to do. I should have thought my plan through a little bit before leaving,’ those were the last thoughts in her head before she slowly drifted into a restless sleep that was bound to be plagued with nightmares.

© 2013 Navara-Desen

Author's Note

Here is chapter three. i also changed the first two a little and made them longer. Sorry for spelling and mistakes such as that. Thanks for reading!

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Added on March 8, 2013
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Hi! My name is Erica, though writing wise i love using the name Navara-Desen. So you can call me either Erica or Navara i really don't mind either. Now a little about me? hmm...where shall i begin. .. more..