A Poem by Tanisha

The battle I have with self confidence everyday because of my childhood.

Alone I sit on this bed with my eyes closed. I'm praying. For forgiveness for relief of this pressure of this burden upon my shoulders. This burden that makes the very bones inside of me ache. Anger bursts through my walls of serenity and they have made the earth shake all around me. They scream at me, beat me, hurt me. The faces I see are like stone, unmovable showing no feelin no empathy. Their touch sears my skin leaving deep scars of dissapointment and frustration. The scars that I keep hidden underneath my own presentation to the outside world. Deep dark and blistering the scars are that siege my inner self. I open my eyes looking at the mirror in from of my pummeled body. I see them looking back at me now with sinister smiles of pain. Their enjoyment makes the streams of water come from my eyes my obvious sign of disgust and defeat. I am broken. They have won again. I hate them and the cruel punishment they bestow upon me. Ugly, Fat, and Unworthy stare back at me and this time they grab inside of my chest ripping my heart from me and tearing me apart. I look again into the mirror and all I see is me. They are gone. But the scars still remain upon my battered body. "Until tomorrow I say", because forever I am theirs. 

© 2012 Tanisha

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Added on October 7, 2012
Last Updated on October 7, 2012
Tags: Self, confidence, ugly, fat, harsh, rough, defeat, battle



I am 19 years old. I have wrote all my life to help me deal with my problems. I recently decided I wanted to get some reviews to see how good it is and if there is anything I can improve on. more..