Off to School

Off to School

A Chapter by ObscureManipulator

In this chapter we find out about Jacob and witness him being thrown into the forest.


     *Beep.* *Beep.* *Beep.* *Beep.* The alarm clock scretches in my ear as I reach out my hand to turn it off. I get up and make my bed with my eyes barely opening. I get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast. My mom and little brother are already there, all dressed up and squirting syrup onto their pancakes. I sit in the only avalible chair and stare at my pancakes. I really dont feel hungry. Maybe its because I miss my dad. You see, my parents got divorced a few months ago because they kept fighting. Eversince my dad left, my life has been a boring routine. Get up, go to school, eat, sleep, get up, and so on. This is as exciting my life will ever be. Dad was the only one who had a job in our family, so when he left, so did the cash. Mom has an interview today though, maybe things can change. I hear a horn from outside the house and snap back to reality. Ryan`s (my little brother`s) bus is parked outside as he rushes to finish his breakfast. I say goodbye to him as he leaves. Ryan is only 10 years old and studies in the fifth grade. Hes lucky. No homework and no bullying. I am 15 and I go to tenth grade. I don`t mind learning, its the people in school I don`t like. They`re always picking on me for being smart. We can`t afford a private school so i guess I just have to put up with them. I hear a second horn, my bus is here. I grab my backpack, kiss my mom goodbye, and head outside nervously. I hate the bus. I`m the last stop, which means that by the time I get on, the bus is already full and people don`t let me sit with them. They laugh at me, so most of the times I end up standing up on the bus.

    As I enter the school, I mentally prepare myself for harsh words. I go to my locker and empty it out into my backpack, then head to first period. A bit of learning should ease my mind.

    I spend the rest of the day at school daydreaming, about how life would differ if dad were here. The bell rings and I head outside. I think i`ll walk, it`s better than riding the bus again. I begin to walk home when I run into Tomas, the school bully.

    "Hey Jacob, you heading home?", asked Tomas with an evil grin. "None of your buisness!", I retort. "We`ll see about that!", Tomas screams as he leaps onto me. I roll over, dodging his attack. He throws a punch at me and I fall to the gound. He lifts me up and throws me over the fence that borders the forest that surrounds the school. The last thing I remember is hitting a rock and falling unconsious...........

© 2012 ObscureManipulator

Author's Note

Here is my first chapter of my book the Path to Home. ummm please tell me what you think as you are always welcome to critisize. :P please dont excuse any grammar mistakes! :) You can tell im pretty excited about this book because its the first original book I made >.< Enjoy!!

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Holy Penguins! Very cool, you just earned 600 points from me! I honestly want to read eyes are burning from reading it over and over again. Very amazing Verene I'll admit that I also ate chocolate while reading this, but you deserve an extra 50 points.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Uwah! It's awesome!!!! I didn't know that you could write like thissssss! I seriously love survival-based stories. Somehow this reminds me of hatchet, except, minus the plane and other stuff. I can't wait for an update!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Nice to meet you~ Name's Verene~ I like cats, flowers, orchestra, and playing violin. My favorite color is purple :33 more..