A Poem by NelliKong

Calvin, where do I begin? Trying to find the right words to describe you as a whole is like trying to find the hay in the needle stack. However, I’ll just let the words flow on this paper like waves in the ocean. C stands for you being considerate because you’re always thoughtful towards others. You have put so many people before yourself that you’ll let yourself go for the sake of other individuals. Knights in medieval times have nothing on you because your armor is made of a different grade that goes beyond the craftsmanship of it all. A accounts for your athleticism both on and off the field. From your work to your craft that you hold near and dear to your heart like a kid holding a teddy bear. I saw the work you put in; from being a team player to being the captain calling the shots you make every goal. Why? Because I always see you practice. Your athletic plays are both intelligent and impressive because you know how to read the field and when to throw flags on the play. L translates for you being laid back and not letting others see you sweat under pressure. I know from time to time behind that incredible smile and mesmerizing brown eyes there has been doubt,pain,hurt,regret and indifference just to name a few. The weather you have endured in this year alone is something that I can’t imagine no matter how hard I try to teleport myself to that kind of state. But with good people by your side the forecast has changed and you’ll have no more rainy days. V stands for you being a visionary and making your dreams a reality. You make the words of your story come to life and jump off the page. From YouTube to your other newfound career you grasp it all at your fingertips and deliver nothing but touchdowns and home runs. I represents your inquisitive nature, due to the fact that you’re always seeking answers. Love that you’re not afraid not to take things for what they are or how they may seem. Instead you like to investigate and see what hides beneath the surface. Searching with a magnifying glass and fine tooth comb to make sure no crease of the mind has been uncovered. This doesn’t just translate to yourself but you also transfer this action to other people. In your live you always try to pull certain things out of everyone and push the boundaries because you see something greater, even if we don’t see it ourselves. N stands for being a natural born leader; you have the flexibility of a snake, grace of a flamingo and fierceness of a lion. Loins are kings and queens of the jungle for a reason. It’s because they demand respect from others and will never settle for anything less. Leading your pack to greatness is something that you take pride in. Calvin you have inspired so many individuals around you that you should be a millionaire because your impact has been that great in shaping lives. If the lottery was a person instead of a series of numbers it would be you because it’s a one in 400 million chance of coming across a person as yourself. We need more people like you out there so it would be so rare finding amazing species of humans out there. If I could clone you I would even though those clones could never amount to everything you have accomplished. You really are a walking golden ticket; I’m happy that I got a glimpse of something so lovely, amazing and remarkable. You my dear cali are unstoppable. The word impossible for you isn’t that but I’m possible. I hope one day I could be a fraction of the person you are. I’ll try my best to embody the Caliplays spirit. To end this you really are a superhero that comes to save the day, I will always support, love and respect the household name of you Mr plays. 

© 2023 NelliKong

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You are a amazing story teller. You allowed the reader to know Calvin. You write with skill and your thoughts organized and interesting. I enjoyed the story of CaliPlays. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Added on January 15, 2023
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Using writing as an outlet and see where it takes me. Open to comments more..