Anxiety or Passion

Anxiety or Passion

A Story by Martin Ponce

This is a thought that came across were what if anxiety is another form of passion.

Anxiety or Passion
An Article By Martin Ponce

Tense, worried, heart pounding, mind racing, it seems as if you are at the brink of death, but yet you are only sitting in a chair listing to a lecture that you truly do not care about. This happens to me on a daily bases in class and this is an example of an anxiety attack. Now the symptoms that I listed for a anxiety attack is very similar to being passionate. So I have come to the conclusion that anxiety is just another form of being passionate.
When I have an anxiety attack I often feel as if the world is ending and I am about to die, but while feeling this way my brain makes the transition of feeling like I am going to die to if I don't create whats in my mind right now I will explode and often enough I will make something I am passionate about, but I am able to create anything in a way that I wouldn't be able to make when I am somewhat "Sane".
Now after being able to see what happens when I have an anxiety attack makes me believe that when I have one of these attacks anything that I am extremely passionate about will rise into my head so I can stop feeling like I should die and I should start creating and I feel as if I have never ending energy to write, draw, and create anything I want to.
So do I hate having these attacks? Yes I do,but the reward I receive from going from rock bottom to having the most creative ideas I can think of is worth all the pain I go through every single day of my life.   

© 2013 Martin Ponce

Author's Note

Martin Ponce
ignore grammar problems if any and I am not saying you should try to have anxiety if you are having writers block but this is how I cope with having the illness.

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i got obsessed one day, i wondered if there wasn't some etymylogical link between the words passion and patience

it turned out, that they both come from the greek root -pati which means to suffer

which would mean that compassion means to suffer with

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like this. It's relatable.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Martin Ponce

7 Years Ago


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Martin Ponce
Martin Ponce


Nothing to say except be prepared to walk into a developing mind that has already been broken by the system. more..