New Age War Chapter 4

New Age War Chapter 4

A Chapter by Mason Watts

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Five. Four. Three. Two. One. The wind blew a gust, shaking the trees making it impossible to see anything moving above. The estate had a large garden at the back filled with flowers and trees. The outside of the estate was made of white marble that seemed to have an orange glow with the light of the torches and the white light of the moon.

Another gust of wind came and another branch shook without the guards below noticing. The guard walked past slowly and looked directly at Nicolas. He looked thinking he saw a man but after a moment thought better of it and continued walking. Nicolas jumped from the tree in between two rows of red roses. He walked forward being careful not to make any impressions on the lush, green grass. He continued up the marble steps and then opened the large double doors into the living area.

The room was filled with lavish furniture but was empty of people. Nicolas stepped in. At the moment he was incognito as a servant. Usually servants were dressed well for the most part but Nicolas had decided to go as one of the lower servants. He had patched, brown pants and a white shirt. They were loose fitting and dirty. A lowly servant wouldn’t attract much attention usually, but when a servant started walking around his masters house as if he had never been in it before it was a problem, especially if the servant didn’t have a broom or something in his hands.

Nicolas hadn’t gathered much information on the Laurent’s estate in Saint-Paul de Vence. It was a very large house for a count, most likely an inherited estate from an ancestor. The house didn’t seem to be very old, or at least had been renovated recently. All the furniture was up-to-date and of fine quality. The house was colored in many shades of red giving the room a very warm feeling. The roof of the room was very high holding a large chandelier suspended at the top. Paintings lined the walls of old and young men, more than likely past owners of the estate, and famous paintings including a copy of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo de Vinci.

Since the Renaissance of the 14th century many Italian paintings had reached the eyes of the French. Many of the famous artists in Italy had made their paintings famous in France. The Renaissance was a big factor in all the learning for all the Europeans.

Nicolas looked around the room, taking in all detail, and continued walking. At the far end of the room, white, winding stairs led up the wall onto the second floor. They continued up to the third, and final, floor. Nicolas moved slowly up the stairs looking for anyone. Upon reaching the second floor, a man dressed well emerged from a door carrying a silver tray of drinks. He was walking quickly towards a door across from the one which he had emerged. Nicolas went up two stairs at a time until he was in front of the other servant.

“Excuse me,” the man said. Nicolas pushed his palm hard against the other mans throat. The man fell and the tray went in the air. Nicolas caught the tray before the drinks could fall. Nicolas straightened his shirt and moved toward the door on which the servant was heading.

The door creaked as it opened. Inside was a small writing desk and a closet but otherwise devoid of people. Nicolas looked for another moment then stepped out and continued down another hall with the sliver tray. The hall was lined with doors but most were empty, except for one in which a young man had yelled at Nicolas for entering without permission.

Hall after hall, Nicolas looked in doors and they were all empty. Deciding the second floor was empty he moved back to the stairs and continued to the third floor. The top of the stair case entered to a hall empty of doors. Nicolas began to hear voices as he strode down the corridor. At first it was just a mumble then it grew. He could hear many voices and music as he came closer. Soon at the end of the hall it turned left down another corridor which had an opening at the end of it. Nicolas slowly walked toward the doorway and silently stepped through.

He entered into another grand chamber almost identical to the one in which he had just exited. On the ground floor there was a complication. Count Laurent was throwing a party, a big party at that. There were over two-hundred people at the least, all dressed in extravagant clothes and masks, not including the servants that were walking around and the band that was playing. There was dancing and incredible music and food and more than likely the best wine in France.

Nicolas was dressed as a servant who worked in the stables and there was a party going on. During masquerade balls, the nobles and counts and other leaders who had acquired servants dressed better than usual. Every servant was doing something except for the stable boys who were not allowed to enter the party area. Now Nicolas has two choices; one, somehow acquire the attire of a noble attending the party or one of the servants garb. A servant who was not performing his duties would be noticed fast, but a noble who was in the back of the crowed and was not mingling very much was less likely to be noticed missing. Acquiring a nobles costume would be very difficult in such a large ball but it could be done.

Nicolas moved down the stairs, dodging drunken men who were laughing hysterically. At the bottom of the stairs, Nicolas walked along the back wall putting himself in shadows. He scanned the crowed looking at each one individually with a quick glance as he moved. Finally as he was about to make another pass around the crowed, he found his target. It was a man of about Nicolas’s height and build who was sitting in a chair around the corner of the large room.

“Excuse me sir.” Nicolas said.

“What do you want?” The man answered grumpily.

“I believe your horse is causing some trouble in the stables and we cannot seem to get it to calm down.”

The man grumbled something Nicolas couldn’t understand then said, “Alright take me to it.” Nicolas bowed low and began walking towards the door closest to them that lead outside.

The night air was warm with a slight breeze. Thousands of stars dotted the inky blackness of the sky which surrounded the full, bright moon. The front of the house lead to an open courtyard with a fountain. The gentle sound of water pouring into a pool filled the courtyard along with the chirps of crickets. Nicolas’s and the other mans boots clicked across the cobblestone drive way.

The man sighed lightly and took off his mask. He had a full, thick mustache that covered his upper lip. His face was slim with high cheekbones. He had dark blue eyes that matched the color of his outfit. He was over all a very handsome man.

The two men reached the stable but it was all quiet.

“It seems that my horse has calmed.” The man looked at Nicolas.

One elbow to the stomach and the man was down before he could protest. Nicolas dragged him into the stable and took the costume. It fit well but was just a little wide on him. He put the mask on and then hurried back to the masquerade ball.

When he got back the band was still playing fast music and people were still dancing. Nicolas started into the crowed when a woman cane up to him.

“Would you like to dance?” She asked, her voice sweet and soft.

“Well, I uh-” The woman grabbed Nicolas’s hand and pulled him close. The music stopped for a moment then began playing again even faster than before. Nicolas had learned to dace after many different balls that he had been to. He was a graceful dancer although he wasn’t that good at it.

The woman who had grabbed Nicolas was a very beautiful woman. She had thick, brown hair that moved as they danced. Through the elegant mask she wore Nicolas could see beautiful green eyes. They shone like emeralds freshly polished. For a moment that was all Nicolas though about, those beautiful eyes and the soft hands against his. He almost lost forgot what he was there for. Almost.

The dance ended, too soon in Nicolas’s opinion, and the woman pulled him away from the dancers.

“You’re a good dancer.” She said. Nicolas kept quiet and stared at his feet. “No need to be silent.” She said. There was a table beside them and she grabbed two glasses and some wine. Nicolas drank his quickly and set it back on the table.

“I must be going.” He replied. The woman held a questioning look behind the mask.

“So soon, we have only danced once?” She said.

“I’m afraid so.”

“At least give me the pleasure of knowing your name?” Nicolas thought on that for a moment.

What harm could come from saying my name? She will never know who I really am? “Nicolas Aimeric.”

“Well it is a pleaser Mr. Aimeric. I am Elaine Listaila.” She said bowing low.

“Are you Italian?” Nicolas asked. “By your last name it would seem so.”

“No, my great-grandfather is Italian but I am a true born French.”

“It is a pleaser then, Elaine Listaila.” Nicolas bowed in response. “Au revior.” Then he left. Elaine stood for a moment more, dazed.

It was time to get back to the job. Finding Laurent would be a problem. More than likely he was dancing as well and would have a mask. Nicolas had only met the man once and there were many men in France that looked similar. It wouldn’t be easy, but Nicolas had a plan.

He walked back up the stairs up to the third floor and went to the railing. A servant passed with a tray of wine and Nicolas took three glasses. He drank two glasses of the wine quickly and then stood on the railing. He swayed back and forth a few times trying to catch his balance.

He cleared his throat a few times before he spoke. “Eh hem, excuse me but I would like to make a toast.” Nicolas said wobbling back and forth. “To Mr. Laurent for throwing this beautiful party!” Nicolas threw his head back and poured the wine in. Everyone clapped except for one man. Nicolas brought his head back up and scanned the crowed. There, standing in the middle of the dancers was a man bowing to everyone. It was Count Laurent. Nicolas jumped down from the railing and sped down the stairs. The count was still standing in the same spot as the applause died down.

“Thank you for the toast Mr.-” The Count said. “Excuse me but I don’t believe I know your name.”

“Nicolas.” Nicolas said. “We’ve met.” The counts mouth hung open. “Move towards the nearest room that is empty or you die where you stand.” Nicolas pulled out the knife from his sleeve. The count came to his senses and said something to his woman companion and then began walking away from the party. He exited out to an empty hall then turned left entering a study. Nicolas was close on his heels.

“So, are you here to finally accept my job?” He asked hopefully.

“Not exactly.” The knife went in for a clean cut in his stomach. “I’ve been paid for your death.”

“You fool, you’re being deceived.”

Nicolas grabbed his throat and lifted him off the ground. “Everyone at some point is controlled. Whether you believe in a god or not, something some where is making you do something. Call it instinct if you want but you are always controlled. Freedom is a lie. Self authority is a lie. You are controlled.” Nicolas pulled put the knife and set him down against a wall. He pulled out a test tube of clear liquid and applied it to a cotton ball. He slowly dabbed the cotton ball on Laurent’s wound. As he did so Laurent asked, “Do you believe in God, Nicolas?”

Nicolas thought for a moment. “No.”

“So you are controlled by instinct?”

“If you call it that then, yes.”

“If you are controlled by instinct then is that what is making you kill me?”

“I was hired to kill you.”

“So what is making the contractor want you to kill me? Is that instinct?”

“Look, I don’t know why you are wanted dead.”

“Do you think they have a reason for wanting me dead?”

“I would hope so; otherwise this is a meaningless job.”

“Everything and everyone has a reason for their actions even if it is just instinct. If I am wanted dead because I’m a threat then it is instinct for them to protect themselves and get rid of me. When an animal is being chased by its predator it has instinct that tells it to run.”

“And what do you think instinct comes from? You can’t possibly believe that we are just born with it.”

“No one has all the answers.”

“Way to avoid the question.” Nicolas said sarcastically.

“Let me think on the question.”

“You don’t have much time.”

“Then I’ll tell you on the other side.” There was silence for a moment.

“One more question. When I came to your home and you asked me about the job you said you knew my secret what did you mean?”

Laurent closed his eyes for a long moment. “That is a puzzle you must solve on your own I’m afraid.” A smile crossed his lips. “I think you may have an idea already though.”

At first yes, but now, not a clue. Nicolas stepped out of the room.

Au revior.” Nicolas said. Count Laurent closed his eyes.

As Nicolas re-entered the ball room Elaine came over to him again. Once again she grabbed his hand and then they dance. Nicolas didn’t even try to protest.

“I’m afraid that I must say goodbye again, Miss Listaila.”

“Then au revior to you as well Mr. Aimeric.” They bowed to each other and just before he left, Nicolas took a glance at the beautiful emerald eyes.

Aline was back on her horse doing the routine, getting the groceries from the market then going back to the restaurant and worked until after the lunch hour. Now every time Aline was off of work Valerie and Aline walked to the warren of alleys and out of the hole in the wall and into the field with the large tree. They sat together, sometimes talking and other times just enjoying the summer breeze and never said a word.

Ever since Aline had asked Valerie if she was having a lot of bad days Valerie was just growing….well, sadder in Aline’s opinion. She smiled when she was with Aline but when Valerie didn’t see Aline looking at her she wasn’t smiling. It wasn’t a frown but it also just wasn’t just a serious face. Aline didn’t know exactly what it was, all she knew was that it wasn’t a look that made her feel happy.

Just a few days ago Valerie had gotten sick and Aline was going to the field alone. Now it was Sunday and Aline and her family had just gotten out of church. Aline’s adoptive family was Catholic, but Aline didn’t really like all of the religion stuff. She found it boring and not worth while. Personally, she didn’t believe in the God, or any religion for that matter, but the Ives family had adopted her so she thought it was only the right thing to do to go to their church. Valerie didn’t go to church Sunday because she was sick so Aline had told the priest to pray for her.

The restaurant was closed on Sunday so Aline went to the field right after church. She went to the tree and sat at the spot where the grass was imprinted where she normally sat. A warm breeze went across the golden field.

Aline sat letting her thoughts drift. At first she thought of the next few days and planned them out but that soon bored her greatly and her thoughts went to her family. Aline didn’t think of her real family often, she didn’t like thinking about it. When she did think of her mother and father she would think of reasons why they would not want to keep her. Perhaps they couldn’t afford a child, maybe they didn’t want a child, or maybe they just couldn’t keep Aline for some other reason than money. Aline hated thinking that they didn’t want her.

Dark clouds were gathering to the west over the city. The storm was approaching.

Aline had become depressed over the last few days. She couldn’t find the reason for it. Everything was peaceful for the most part in her adoptive household. There wasn’t much for her to be depressed about and yet she was depressed and she hated it. She wanted to get rid of it. Aline shut her eyes.

Thunder rolled over the city. The golden plain rolled like waves in the sea with the rising force of the wind. Rain slowly dripped from the clouds and onto the ground. The clouds were moving towards Aline as she stood from her seat. She could feel a mist hitting her face. She lifted her arms in front of her face and raced forwards to the restaurant.

Rain came down heavy the father that Aline went into the city. People were running around trying to reach something dry. Thunder cracked and rolled over Aline. She stopped and looked up. The clouds looked darker than they normally did.

Suddenly a white light burst from the clouds. The streak of lightning stuck the ground splitting the air around Aline. Aline fell to the ground with a thud.

After the deafening sound of the thunder there was only the sound of the rain patting against the cobblestone roads.

Aline’s eyes were tightly shut. She didn’t move. Footsteps headed towards Aline’s motionless body.

“Are you okay?”


Aline woke with a warm hand against her arm. She slowly opened her eyes.

Where ever Aline was it was dark. It wasn’t just darkness it was like motionless nothing. Nothing at all.

Aline shut her eyes and opened them again. It was the same. It was so dark that it was like her eyes were shut and yet they weren’t.

The hand that was against her arm moved. It reached down and grabbed her hand and squeezed tightly.

Someone was speaking but Aline couldn’t make any of it out. There was only mumbles that were beside her ear.

“Hello?” Aline mumbled back. There were more mumbles in response but Aline couldn’t make them out. She closed her eyes once more seeing the same darkness and then fell asleep.

Celine sat in the circular chamber of the catacombs with the dim light of the torches that hung on the stone wall. The air was moist and cold, so dark that when Celine breathed she just barely saw her breath in front of her face. She had her hands in the pockets of her black pants trying to keep them warm.

Cadice, sitting in the middle of the room, sat still in thought with an annoyed look on her face. By asking for Celine to be a part of the guard for her she had told her that she was afraid. Afraid of what she new would come. The sign of weakness that she didn’t need at the moment. And everyone who saw Cadice acting as a guard for her would see that weakness. She would have to make up for that loss of respect in some way.

The best assassins in the order of the L’Ombre were Nicolas, Fabien, and Celine and a few others that had useful skills. There was also the branch of the L’espion. The spies that were under her command. They could get any information that Cadice needed. Anything at all.

There was still the decision of the king and the count. One would have to die and Cadice was leaning towards the count dieing. He was of no use but then again in the event that he died it might show that the king had someone working for him leading to the investigation of the L’Ombre. The L’Ombre were a secret organization that was under the king. He used them for certain jobs that benefited him. But most of the jobs were not for the king. Some were even from lower class people that have heard slight rumors of the L’ombre and they new people in higher places that got in touch with them. Even though the L”Ombre were a secret organization they still had rumors around of their existence but none of the rumors had ever been proven true.

She had to decide on an action to take.

Through the doorway of the catacombs a man stepped in.

“Ma’am, I carry a message from Count Laurent.” Through the darkness Cadice saw his gaze reach Celine. “A message for your ears only.” Cadice closed her eyes and sighed.

“Very well. Celine leave for now.” Celine didn’t say anything as she walked out.

After Celine had left the man spoke, “The count said he has an invitation for you. He wishes to meet you, alone.” The man reached into his pockets and pulled out a sheet of parchment. “this is the location and time.” Cadice watched the man but didn’t say a word. Her arms were crossed and her face unreadable. The man laid the parchment on the floor then turned to leave, no longer wishing to stay in the presence of assassins.


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