The Day a Man Got Wings.....

The Day a Man Got Wings.....

A Story by Mason Watts

The Day a Man Got Wings……..

For so long people thought that a man couldn’t fly until the airplane was first flown. But people still wished for wings. They wanted to fly with the wind in their face and wings spread far. They didn’t want to be stuck in a metal thing sitting beside a man who smelled worse than a garbage pile. People wanted wings.

When he figured out the way that he could get those most precious wings he went crazy. He spent three days without sleeping so he could get them. When he finally had to sleep he only slept for a few hours then was up again early in the morning. He was engrossed in the work. He didn’t care if the work was hard, long, or tiring, he wanted to work on his wings.

When family came to visit him, which wasn’t often, he would try to put them to work but most of them would do whatever to get out of it. But if he could get them to work he would use them to their fullest continually telling them that once he flew on his wings they would be the next, then those who didn’t work, then the whole United States would have a chance and then he would declare that the whole world would fly on a pair of wings at least once in their lifetime. He didn’t want to build the wings just for himself but for the whole world.

Then they were finished. It was a late summer night on a Saturday. The family had visited and were sleeping but with the anticipation that the wings were almost done the now old man couldn’t sleep so he stayed up later and worked. He worked through the night until finally the sun rose making everything look like it was on fire. The perfect start of the day.

‘They are finished!’ The old man shouted. ‘Ha! I’ve done it!’ He ran from his workshop into the house where all of the relatives were still asleep. ‘Wake up! Wake up! They are finished! The wings are finished!’ He jumped and shouted with joy. All of the adults and the kids slowly woke up.

‘Come, come,’ he said. ‘Its time to fly!’ He ran around the house walking everyone with his arms spread out like wings.

When he had finally convinced everyone that the wings were complete he ran to his workshop and grabbed the light wings. Most of them were in awe of how the wings looked. They were beautiful. Some of the kids reached out and touched the soft feathers that were on the wings.

‘Follow me!’ The old man said. He jumped into the old, rusted truck that he owned and drove off. The adults jumped into their own cars and pilled the kids in with them to follow the old man.

The old man led everyone to a cliff that overlooked the city. There the old man strapped the wings on his back and his arms and walked to the edge of the cliff.

‘You can’t jump!’ the adults yelled. ‘what if they don’t work?’

‘What if they do work?’ the old man replied. ‘I would rather die knowing what I have done rather than live and never know if I completed my task.” With that the old man jumped. He fell and fell out of sight of all of the relatives who stood in awe on the cliff.

‘He’s dead,’ they declared. Then up came the man flying on his wings. He went high past the clouds then down back towards the relatives who all stood with their jaws dropped. He circled above them shouting with joy. He flew back and forth, up and down, all around the relatives.

From that day forward people lined up at the cliff and strapped on the wings. Anyone and everyone came and flew around the cliff, eager to feel the wind in their face and actually touch the clouds. The old man had in-fact completed his task.


Alternate ending.

The old man flew for a long while until finally he decided that it was time for the relative to get their chance. He swooped low and placed his feet on the ground in an attempt to stop. He sped across the ground getting closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. Then, finally unable to stop, he fell from the edge. He dropped and dropped spinning out of control. He couldn’t get the wings to flap fast enough to stop him from crashing.

He hit the ground and died instantly, knowing that he was able to fly. People all around the world marveled at the news that a man had actually flown with wings and scrambled to find the answer but it was never found. The old man had died with the wings.

…….If Only for a Little While

© 2010 Mason Watts

Author's Note

Mason Watts
notice that there is an alternate ending. and I want your opinion.
Sorry about no break with paragraphs.

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Mason Watts

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