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Deep Within

Deep Within

A Poem by nfyd

Everyone has had someone close to the edge. What do you do? What are you thinking? How can you be there for them during such a difficult time?


Deep Within


I write this as you are about to fall

I will be here waiting while standing tall

You will fall farther than you ever have before

But gain knowledge quicker than before


I write this as you are hating everything in life

I will be here to help you deal with each ounce of strife

You will feel pain in a brand new way

But understand each word I am about to say


I hope you reconsider what you are about to do

There is nothing in the past you can undo

I hope you breathe one giant breath

There is no going back once you meet death


I hope you stare life right in the eye

There is nothing worse than seeing you cry

I hope you take that chance to knock it down

There is nothing greater than when you wear the crown


So before you jump please hear this plea

There is nothing greater than your life you see

You have the world before you on a broken tray

Drop down on your knees and begin to pray


I see the look in your eyes as you are full of demise

There is hope when you reach beyond the skies

I see the agony from each mistake you have made

You feel as though your hope has been delayed


But you do not listen to these words I have said

You refuse to look forward to what lies ahead

You take one step closer to your end

Will you read this letter my dear friend?


Dear you and every ounce of pain

Since your defeat it has not been the same

Each step you take is in the right direction

But you fall back down full of rejection


Each time you stood tall something knocked you down

Into your failures and defeat you would drown

Submerged beneath every time your world became numb

All you wanted in life was some coke and a bottle or rum




Anything to rid your life of this pain and devastating hurt

When others are around you feel like nothing more than dirt

Your tears turn to stone and feelings dissipate

Your hopes and dreams will begin to suffocate


Your self-worth is defined by those who do not care

To their lives it is yours that you compare

Each person is different in what they have overcome

There is nothing in life that you cannot become


These words are nothing short of what you need to hear

You must understand that nothing is without some fear

You will fight the good fight with hope beyond compare

You will overcome these things and become fully aware


So listen to these last few words as my heart begins to break

Be opened with your eyes, ears, heart, and what is at stake

Your life is ahead of you so this is what you need to know

With each step I will be there to help you grow


I will be there when it begins to rain

I am the umbrella to shield you from the pain

I will be there when fire first begins to grow

I am the protection that will help you glow


I will be there when you are having a bad day

I am the one who will stop to just say hey

I will be there when your day isn’t going right

I am the one who will guide you with the light


I will be there when you finally find love

I am the one who will free the dove

I will be there when you understand what I say

I am the one who will guide you through each day


Maybe you forgot who is writing these words

Maybe you want to give this letter to the birds

Maybe you want to know who I am indeed

Maybe I will tell you if you continue to read


I am not anyone you already know

However, I have always helped you grow

I am not anyone you will one day meet

However, I have always made you feel complete


I am not your family or a close friend

However, with me you will always ascend

I am not the dreams you still have buried deep within

However, with me your dreams can always begin

Do you know who I am deep inside?

Do you know we have always been aligned?

Do you know I have always loved you no matter what?

Do you know I am here to get you out of this rut?


Close your eyes, empty your mind, and do as I say

Put your hand over heart and think of a new day

Think of every time you were overjoyed

Think of every time you were not destroyed

Think of every chance you did not take

Think of every step you did not make

Think of what you really want to do in life

Think of how you overcame the strife

Think of what makes you happiest of all

Think of what you did when you were about to fall

Think of how proud you were when you were on top

Think of how you always refused to stop


Think of the hope you had when things went wrong

Think of how you stood tall and always felt strong

Do you understand by now that I am you?

It must be confusing, but yes it’s true


I am everything you want to tell yourself today

I am the strength that will get you through this day

I am the words you forget to say

I am the hope you forget to display


You wanted to change how the world looked at you

You abandoned me, but with you I still grew

We all lose ourselves at some point down the line

But our real hearts never disappear or decline


So here is my hand now let’s live again

We only begin when you say when

We will become the person who you deeply desire

We will become the person others can admire


Back up from the ledge and smile one more time

If you left this world that would be the true crime

Promise me you’ll say these words when you feel blue
From yourself to you please say… I love you



© 2016 nfyd

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reminds me of a p t s d patient,or someone just down on life,feeling un important
and you`re standing by there side waiting on the fall,,,touching write

Posted 6 Years Ago

wonderful, you convey the message so dramatically ....I feel the person on that ledge! your writing is truly a gift!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Enjoyed the read, although for me a little long to fully keep my attention. Hats off to you for maintaining the rhyme scheme

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is beautiful. This is an as-near perfect poem as I have read..and it may be the best poem I have ever read. You are a skilled and very technical poetry-writer..that is clear. But, even more than that, this poem read like a prayer! It is clear you had a very clear-mind and pure intentions as you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Absolutely beautiful..what I needed to hear..and as if God Himself were speaking right to me!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Hello nfyd,

Amongst all the strife, there is still some semblance of hope . . . Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing!

Kind regards,


Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you! I appreciate it.

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5 Reviews
Added on August 30, 2016
Last Updated on October 20, 2016
Tags: Tragedy, trouble, life, defeat, pain, agony, doubt, hurt, depression



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