Beneath My Feet

Beneath My Feet

A Poem by nfyd

Lost loved ones are so close yet so far away.


Beneath My Feet


Inside the ground your body lay

You're so close, yet so far away

The day still haunts my broken soul

I will never once again feel whole


The grass and dirt have covered where I knew you once lie

The grass is wetter with each tear I cry

I reach to grab your hand

I need help to once again stand


Your words have forever penetrated my heart

It was because of you I never fell apart

Is it too late to go back and replace any wrong I said?

My heart stopped beating and now has only bled


The blood pouring through my veins is of hurt and a distinct pain

Now all I have left and can feel is the downpour of a never ending rain

I love you is all I need to here

Those words eliminate each and every fear


But here I see you are still there

The entire world is unaware

They pass you by as though your spot is just dirt and grass

Those you touched can never be surpassed


You left more than you'll ever know behind

For these things you can search my soul and find

The one which haunts me the most

Is the one who will never boast


He has a name, but this we do not need

All he desires is your guidance to lead

He's preparing to change his life for the best

And hides anytime he feels stressed


He is young and motivated and refuses to be wrong

He hides his emotions so he seems strong

You're missing all of the times you could say

Good job, you make me prouder with each new day


These memories will soon past into another time

You not being here is the only true crime

Days turn into weeks, weeks to months, and months turn into years

Years to events in life like as a newborn's crying tears


The crumbles of dirt are the moments we've already missed

We eventually find ourselves forgetting to exist

Your death was not in vain

Forget it, I can't stand the pain


My life is in the balance as I stand from the ledge

This to you is my only pledge

I will not forget the sorrows of the past

I will with each new day, create a memory which will last


I plunge to the bottom this is the end

I know exactly what I intend

I am jumping to end it all

This is the last time I will fall


Forget the pain, forget everything we've been told

I have for far too long been left out in the cold

I jump, will you here my final plea?

All I need is another chance to once again be we


I descend among the heavens and each new star

As I strum each string on your old red and black guitar

My life was in your hands and you refused to respond

But that's okay, I realize our lives no longer correspond


I am not jumping for any reason which might seem out of touch

I realized holding onto you was just too much

This is not goodbye for I will insure

Your arms never leave me so I will feel secure


This is the moment each person must face

To break off and start to run their own race

This grass has been my enemy for far too long

I walk away, finally feeling strong


You were, you are, and you forever will be

The calming touch while I ride in the raging sea

May these tears I drop bless the ground in which you rest your head

With all these words there is nothing else which must be said

© 2016 nfyd

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beautiful analogies,but I am curious to know if you ever meant to spell 'hear' or if leaving it at 'here' was something you did intentionally. The rhyme scheme threw me off a bit too but since this poem is an abstract narrative on loss I would like to know if that was intentional as well. Regardless of my ramblings it was an interesting read.

Posted 6 Years Ago

... I am sorry for your loss, I really feel your words, the pain of loosing someone is loneliness, that's probably the best word to describe it.... wonderful heart felt words.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on October 20, 2016
Last Updated on October 20, 2016
Tags: Death, Funeral, Pain, Hurt, Love, Tragic, Afterlife, Grave, Agony, Trouble



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