Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Nickalas Cannon

7 years ago

Click, click. The movement of fingers toughing a computer's keyboard. The fingers are slammed onto the keys of the keyboard, seemingly to be angrily. Forcing a letter, no an E-mail to a certain recipient that goes by the name, "J."

The message that was entered into the computer stated:
"Hey, J. This is Eddy. I need to see you sometime soon. It is very urgent, I... I need some more of that stuff. You know, the GOOD stuff." It proceded with the usual letter ending, but in a more decisive manner.

*The man behind the computer, the one who wrote the E-mail, is me. Edward Grant. I am a Drug Abuse Therapist in St. Louis, Missouri.*

A normal, dark tan office chair moves away from the desk. He stands up and walks towards the kitchen's fridge. The door opens and the bright, white light shines out into the dark room.

*I like it dark in my place when I am alone. It seems so peaceful and harmless.*

Bang! He jumps up, hitting his head on the fridge, turns quickly and stops in the position that he turned to. A dark figure stands in front of him, who seems bigger and taller than he his. His hand reaches out, goes through the figure and it disappears.

*That is unless your high as f**k like me!*

Bing! The sound of an E-mail that has been received to a computer. He merely fast-walks towards the computer and clicks on the E-mail.
"Hey, Eddy. I've set up the destination for you. I'm sending someone to the location right now. It will be there at the Arch at 7 tonight. That's about an hour. So....."

It was never finished. Just left there, unclosed. Nothing was done to it. The front door to the building was opened and closed quickly after him.

© 2013 Nickalas Cannon

Author's Note

Nickalas Cannon
If you see this sign, *, it only means this si the character's thoughts or what he is saying in his head.

Thanks for reading the first 2 guys. More to come.

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Added on July 30, 2013
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Nickalas Cannon
Nickalas Cannon

Rocky Harbour, TX, Canada

I turned 21 and I figured I should be able to express my feelings of poetry writing and blogging. I work with the elderly everyday which is demanding and yet very satisfying more..

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