Marry me Prince Ali (Under the sea Parody) (Little Mermaid)

Marry me Prince Ali (Under the sea Parody) (Little Mermaid)

A Chapter by MandaBear

Princess Jasmine asking Aladdin to Marry her! I hope you enjoy! *Video at the bottom*

Do you think that girl is prettier?
Oh, for goodness sake
I wonder how long it takes her to comb that hair
That is one job I wouldn't take 
My heart is only is for you 
I couldn't ask for any more 
I always want to be around you 
What more are you looking for
Marry me Prince Ali, marry me 
Darlin? It's better
Where we can watch the sun rise together
Do this for me
Where we can ride the magic carpet everyday 
No one will get in our way 
We wont be stopping !
No time for moping !
Marry me
I will try not to get all sappy 
You are the only I give my soul 
You are the one that make my heart happy 
This is the place you will call home 
 Now you'll never run out of money aren't you lucky?
Of course we could another estate 
Can you see how much I love you honey
A happy family we will make 
Marry me Prince Ali, Marry me 
Nobody beats us 
You and me can't you see 
We will hire us a fabulous cook 
We will have a whole new outlook 
We wont have troubles giving each other cuddles 
Marry me Prince Ali, Marry me 
Life will be sweet here 
My daddy will pay handsomely 
Even Jafar will help and pay  
Maybe we will get the beach boys to play 
You got the spirit 
You go and listen to it Marry me 
Jafar plays the guitar 
The magic carpet plays the harp 
The genie plays the bass 
And they're sounding sharp 
Abu plays the triangle brass 
Rajah plays the electric guitar 
That is the band in whole 
Is there anything you want to say?
Your love makes me sing 
I just hope you dont walk out
Before the preacher hands you the rings 
What do you think of that?
I know you like that 
And oh there you go 
Marry Me (Prince Ali )
Marry Me (Prince Ali )
With me smiling 
Stand at the alter with me 
What I want, is your hand 
Just how I planned 
With all the fam' here 
So won't you just Marry me Prince Ali
You will have fun here 
After you Marry me 
Just a little tear here
Don't set sail here 
I won't find anyone hotter Marry me 
Now your stuck here 
All because you said you would Marry me Prince Ali!!

© 2014 MandaBear

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I would absolutely LOVE to brush her hair. I know years ago me and Dad and my sister visited some relatives out in the country. I was 15 I think. They said they wanted to pick up some food and we were all gonna go but one girl there, who was 20 I know cause she said to my sister in the kitchen, anyways , said she wanted to show me her doll collection.

Now I LOVE dolls, especially Barbie so I said awesome, Dad smiled and said, fine, you two stay here and we'll be back soon. Then it was quiet. She kinna watched me. I just followed her all around.

She teased me a bit I think trying to see if I would follow her everywhere.

Well finally she showed me her room but I didn't see any dolls. I said where are your dolls ? She said there's one right in front of you. I looked all around but couldn't see it. She seemed to get a little mad then sat on the edge of the bed facing away from me looking at the mirror tweaking her hair up front and then I really REALLY saw her HAIR.

OMG I was so in love - or I don't know what you call it, butterflies in your tummy that turn into bee stings to your heart, I know I said that earlier. Anyways - but that's what it was. Finally she turned her head to looked at me and said I know whey they're going to pick up lunch, we have an hour.

I said for what ? She said what do you want to do ? We'll do whatever you want to, and laughed. I saw her brush by the dresser and her hair looked so incredible so I asked, can I brush your hair please ?

I hoped that didn't sound terrible or wrong or something. But she surprised me and sounded a bit hurt and said is that all you want ? Anything else ? I was confused so I said I don't know.

She then flipped her head back to me and said in a louder voice like a parent, brush my hair for now and when you finish - I'll tell you what else you can do, and you better do it too, and then she laughed like it was a joke.

So I picked up the brush and I was sweating so hard. Finally I sat next to her and brushed her hair and oh wow I felt like I was gonna pass out ! It smelled really good like super fruity shampoo and stuff. I guess I was brushing for a long time, trying to get every little bit brushed but I was going so slow cause I was nervous, when suddenly she snatched the brush from my grip and turned around and said, Stop. So I stopped.

She looked right at me and smiled wide. Then she said quietly, now you have to do what I tell you to, you promised ! I was so caught up in her hair I just nodded, she smiled and leaned forward, then suddenly the door to her bedroom opened and my Dad was there and he was grinning from ear to ear apparently listening at the door !

He said did you enjoy looking at the dolls ? I was so embarrassed and ashamed for brushing her hair cause I've never done that before that I ran out. She tried to talk to me later really nice and sweet and even showed me a real doll she had in her closet, but I didn't want to play with her anymore - cause I felt so warm and weird inside.

So - finally we headed out, and I - remember that wonderful memory - brushing her beautiful hair and it was an absolutely incredible feeling. So yes, I would definitely DEFINITELY brush Little Mermaid's hair.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Very interesting story! Nice to know I could bring that out

8 Years Ago

Certain words or emotions trigger past memories. I saw my last name (Wicker) printed on a piece of p.. read more
OMG! Yay, you did it?! YAY!!!! i loved this, you're amazing!!!


Posted 8 Years Ago

s y e

8 Years Ago

I CANT PICK AND YESSSSS ANOTHER ONE... ERMMM...... HOW ABOUT......... ERM....... UHHHHHH...... LOL... read more

8 Years Ago

Okay I will see what I can do! I cant wait to see your review of the next one!
s y e

8 Years Ago

Haha, itll be amazing and I cant wait! LOL
I enjoyed your twist on a old tale. The story always end with happy ending. I like the new television versions. A lot of twist and turns. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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