A Poem by nickeugn259

this was written for the gsa


true love is a beautiful thing, when its two of the same ,
like having the same name ,why would you complain ,
the only true love that remains, stains in the mind of true saints,
 the ones who arent afraid, to show how they were made,
no matter what shade, of grey they are today,
 they will always stay, and fight for their love ,
and they will say, that the ray of sun is brightening their day,
 a flash of rainbows, people looking away ,
thinking they have the right to say, that its not alright to be gay,
  knowing no matter where they are
people will judge theyll hate because they think its ok to descriminate
 to say its fake its a phase, it must be all the rage because these days
because of the pains they have fought , they still remain
with that same name dont have to explain cause they know
the same lame things theyll say, to try to darken the day
just trying to go on, without placing the blame
on the same lame fights, the lights in your eyes the flame,
 with the same guys, asking why you cant try to be the same

 everyone else thinks your mental health is damaged
 youll never reach wealth, youll never manage,
im famished by the damage they leave, by the ideas they concieve,
 they try to deceave, to tell us what to do to be,
just want to be me, i let you be you, i dont judge and stew,
 but because of you, i dont know what to do
 the hate, the descriminate, its all fake because of fate,
 i will make a stand, and itll be great, ill take your hand
walking man and man, hand in hand in a strange land,
 with fear dont shed a tear because im here i love you
 and its not a sin to be queer,
theyll see,  were who we are ment to be

but they want us to be unique, like everyone else
it sickens me, who has the right to tell us the cards we were dealt
but from me theyll see they have no control over, me ill be the me
i was always meant to be they never found the one
 they can be themselves around, but  they are bound 
theyve found theres no way out no way around

 cooped up inside, trying to hide, from the evil side,
the ones who denied, the people who think they can decide,
 whos the love of my life, who said that through strife,
 they will be there in darkness and light,
what is right is what your mind decides, whomever it confides in,
what human has the right to say that straight is the way
the way i see it its all just a play an act  its a fact
they dont know what they are talking about
the world is what you make it and
 one day all the others will figure it out
 im about out of time but in time i hope youll find
 the beauty of the body and mind.

© 2010 nickeugn259

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Added on December 5, 2010
Last Updated on December 8, 2010
Tags: true love, gay, pride, pain, hardship, suffering, censorship.



eugene, OR

my name is nick im a lyricologist im a lyricist im delerious and mysterious more..

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