A Poem by nickeugn259

this is just another one from me and my pains of life. daddy loves you


disturbing urban images, flowing like the indiginous,
i just cant invision this, its enough to make me sick,
they need the health, the help, the wealth cant do it themself
all these thoughts are strangling, like with a belt,
 wrapped around your neck, im in hell if fell,
 to the bottom floor of the stairwell, of urban folks
 living their hell, all is not well, just another joke,

 people sitting around trading smokes, for tokes
their minds are open, but their bank accounts are closed
 no more dough, the urban life, full of strife
and people that might, have to fight, tonight,
 just to save their own life,
but if tonight, they might survive,
 theyll have to go through another day, and strive to fight a night
 that never ends what can you say,
they tend to send ,woman and men to different
 ends, we tend to drift away to say the least,
everyone says it but at least," ill say it again "we live to die another day"
were not diseased or deceased ,were all just a beast,
again to say the least, at least when we feast,
we are greatful for the heat, were gonna beat,
were gonna leave you knocked off your feat,
youve seen defeat, this life is cold
the urbans are gonna remold the whole world,
 im told but im not yet sold,

i cant see the world, you want it to be,i just cant see
maybe its because, the urban life is a life that revolves around me,
 a life thats a fight, the world is just what you make  it to be, cant you see
 your not a tree, you want to flee, but stay here with me
 and together we will be, whatever we want to be,
and they will stay away while we lay on a bed of hay
trying to stay out of the rain, i wont complain,
cause at least my minds not attached to the reins,
pulling the train of the main man, the bad men,
 the men that stand and ban, all the things that can help us
 band together, and stand together,
no matter the weather, this lady just handed me a pound of chedder
and said "stick together no matter, dont let her get her thoughts down
walking all over town, trying to find the profound sound,
of the man, that she will always want to keep around,
 im bound to protect you if you let me, ill be anything you want me to be
 can you see yet that your not a tree, your whatever you want to be
 especially in urban society,

© 2010 nickeugn259

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Added on December 5, 2010
Last Updated on December 8, 2010
Tags: growing, understanding, urban society, poverty, bla, life, neverlasting



eugene, OR

my name is nick im a lyricologist im a lyricist im delerious and mysterious more..

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A Poem by nickeugn259

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