A Poem by nickeugn259

its just another free write about my pains if this at all relates to you im sorry and there are people out there who understand

im me, the only me i can be ,why cant you see, the me that you want me to be,
a tree, hovering over m,e telling me what to be, but
ill flee, youll see the backside of me, i hope one day youll see ,
while were planting a tree, for elseas tire swing, but its a dream
 just a scene, in that dream, your my queen, as true as my eyes are green,
i cant imagine my life, without you, without the rubber and glue
 well make it true, i cant beleive i finally see you for you,
see the things you do, i can show you, my heart is true,
 what else can i do, gotta get back to you, show you what i can do,
 better find something blue, something old, something new,
for the day hand in hand, you stand say i do, with all this time,
 standing in line, trying to find a way ,to get my life back in line,
 ill be fine, but in time ill find, my peice of mind, but
 by then youll be blind, pushing my rymes out of your mind,
 if that happens im sure well be just fine,
cause theres music in the ai,r and theres pain everywhere,
 you think your life is bad and you arent even half way there,
 i see you sitting there, with a tear in your eye, begging to die ,
with death comes pain same old train, and staging scenes,
 to win the fame, its the same game, with no more remains
no more stains just grab the reins, cause this is one fast train,

© 2010 nickeugn259

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Added on December 5, 2010
Last Updated on December 8, 2010
Tags: fighting, changing, growing, learning, sight, marriage, hope, pain, anguish



eugene, OR

my name is nick im a lyricologist im a lyricist im delerious and mysterious more..

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A Poem by nickeugn259

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