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Ten essays.


Who do they think we are?

We're not content with sitting

And typing 'til we've got

Numb fingers!

We're not going to ignore the sun,

Life giving sun,

For the sake of mass produced papers

Reading 'A!


Not a failure at life anymore.'

Whatever happened to taking time off

And enjoying the company of friends?

No, now

Nine hours

Of homework

Is the norm.

Eight times over I've heard

Every single word

In the English language

Told to me

In the form of


And seven times through

I've been taught

That taking a break

Is a sin.


No matter what argument I've brought to light,

I'm stuck inside,

Hands pressed against the glass

Of the 'real world',

Because six teachers

All gave me the same damn


With different subjects!

And what am I supposed to do?

If I want to pass,

I must make those five

Hours of sleep


If I want to survive

In this dire world

If I want to stay alive.

Four years ago,

This didn't happen.

In grade three

I was free,

To do whatever I pleased.

To live the life I wanted to lead!

Two friends

Was all I needed to

Get my math work done

And then we'd play video games until the sun

Went down.

And what I'm trying to say is,

I've only got one life to lead.

Why would I waste it

On explaining why Goya

Was a damn good artist?

© 2010 Night Edge

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Sooooooooooooo true in every word expresed her NE! The pressure the system puts on kids these days, is not sustainable or acceptible in any way, shape or form in my book. I have had to witness my lads struggle, especially the youngest one, who has experienced an increase in pressure put on him this past two years. It is not that the children are any brighter, it is done to make the establishments seem more knowledgeable by pushing the student through earlier. imo.

As a mum I have tried to make sure of keeping a balance between study and fun times, no matter what the authorities think. It is paying off in A's, and I'm a very proud mum,

Smiling at you

It needed to be said, to Goya!lol well it does take all sorts, and spain deserved his sort.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A Poem by Night Edge