Passing Through Dreams

Passing Through Dreams

A Poem by Night Edge

When we're this close together
Not even wounds could separate us.
You whispered in my ear
In sleepy summer dreams.
Grass and butterflies
Decorated palaces where we leaped
And slept.
Perhaps my words would do the trick
Was my coy answer.
And we laughed until
The moon showed us the pathways of the stars.

You wandered endlessly for ages
In the search of voyages
Which I provided in my books.
So carelessly nestled in bargain bins
Behind the dumpster
And amongst the secret places of book stores
In-between the colored rooms.
You recognized my face
From that one coffee shop
Where you had cut in line and I had lectured you
About the meaning of manners.
You bought me a Danish.
I told you was I kidding around.
Steaming plastic cup in hand you said to me
That every joke has a bit of truth in it
And I thought you were joking.

Now you tell me jokes about
Rabbits in races with turtles.
And even funnier
Ones about love.
Grass and butterflies
Decorated our faces
And the spaces
Where we leaped
And slept.
And I laughed
Until the moon showed us as the fools
That we are.

© 2010 Night Edge

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It is a wonder of our world how people come together in dreams. A gift from god that no one can explain. You describe the union beautifully here. Ah the moon! A great pull...

Smiling at you


Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 13, 2010
Last Updated on May 13, 2010
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Night Edge

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