Hollywood Star

Hollywood Star

A Poem by Night Edge

Lyrics; intended to be alt rock or something of the sort. ex: Blister In The Sun by Violent Femmes.

Went down to see the people in the mags
All the girls are bombshells
All the boys are in drag
Feed the feral lion
With a steak made of dreams
Poppin all the buttons
While you’re poppin all the seams

So I started up the motor
And it turned just a bit
Shoulda known what I buy
Is always made of lint

Hollywood star
Down at the strip bar
Hollywood star
With a body like that, you’re sure to go far
Hollywood stars
Loving exotic cars
Hollywood stars
It’s like they came from Mars

I tried to say something
But I got shut down
Can’t say I get enough
Even if I get around
Gunna get a tan if it takes all day
I don’t tan easy
But I’m sure I’ll find a way
So pop the quarter in the coin slot
Start up the machine
The money’s for nothing
But the knowledge ain’t free

And if you’re gunna kiss me
You better do it well
Cause I got beauty on the brain
And a movie to sell


Sometimes I wish my star
Wasn’t so bright
When you were born in the dark
You get blinded by the light
Hold me in your hand
Now I’m pocket sized
You’re gonna have to pay
If you want a free ride

Chorus x2

© 2010 Night Edge

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I tasted fleewood mac in there somewhere NE. I think it was the 'money for nothing line. Your 'cause I got beauty on the brain' line, hit me like a train. I know the VF's and I enjoyed tributory jouney along their shore lines.

You have a talent for song writing, especially this beautiful ballad/alt rock style.

Keep em coming...it seems 13 was a lucky day.

racing to my deadline this weekend

smiling all the way


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 13, 2010
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Night Edge

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