A Poem by nightmask

What went through Ophelia's head from hamlet when she was drowning

I leave my body; I began to inhabit the air
and struggled so I would not feel
I wept
the silence.
I felt huge and bloated. I felt like a sea.
I lie still underneath
the beating of his heart and the beating of mine
like a rabbit, and how his thudded.
Listen to
mine skip
I was still breathing. I heard his heart
and the dark earth surrounding us
I could have yelled for hours
I knew
I was an animal already dying
I crept forward in silence
No one answered
something had changed inside

Left alone
Take deep breaths and hold them. 
Try to stay still for longer and longer periods of time.
Make yourself small and like a stone.
Curl the edges of yourself up and fold them
under where no one can see.

Ocean eyes
Bottomless in a way that I found frightening.
I was Captured
those Eyes were oceans, inside them there was loss.
When the moon was high the music would stop.
The dancing stopped. We froze.
I stood alone in a sea of
I watched her walk off in front of me,
saw her blue dress
trail away
I thought of spider webs in the morning, how
they held small jewels of dew,
how with a light movement of the wrist,
I used to destroy them without thinking
Stare down the hole and look into the earth.
I'm down there waiting ;I'm up here

Crows were lined up,
their beaks holding crooked 
They took wing and followed
Had he 
really seen me somehow, or
was he
merely a little boy telling beautiful lies?
His eyes were the darkest gray
I did not hesitate to fall inside of them
As consciousness woke, it was as if poison seeped in.
I lay there under a heavy weight
I was deep under, swimming against drug and nightmare and waking dream.
would lie there
in half-sleep, listening
I liked to pretend that I
was in the warm hold of a ship
the ocean and the waves
rolling gently
against the sides 
of the night
hushed to sleep
by the soft lullaby 
of her words
Then there they were, fireflies lighting up and expanding in
howls and swirls as they abandoned human flesh
She no longer looked haunted.
I could feel her walking over me. I called out to her
but my mouth filled with dirt.
We were looking at each other,
our separate bodies
suspended under water.
And the sound that I craved and missed
-the sound of life
-replaced the endless calling of names.
(Ophelia OPHELIA Ophelia OPHELIA)

© 2011 nightmask

Author's Note

blah hope you like!

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Added on September 4, 2011
Last Updated on September 12, 2011
Tags: ophelia, hamlet, shakespeare, othelleo, king lear, macbeth, queen mab, faerie, death, dying, drowning, suffocating, limbo, underwater, dirt, grave, buried alive, petals, lilies, soft, song, siren, ocean, pull



i am me, there is not much else to say. i like sweeney todd, tim burton, anime, and bright shiny colors, lol(z) ha ha. i was recently diagnosed with abcd, no...wait...asbd....adad.....ughhh......(mean.. more..

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