The Words Of I, A poet

The Words Of I, A poet

A Poem by TQ


The words of I, A Poet


The time is so slow

Yes, the leafs takes ages to fall

As the sweet words are said

It’s I, A poet


It’s when I get so emotional

I get those words

From my heart it shouts

So loud, to be wrote


It’s too beautiful to be wrote

So sweet to be caught

That’s the words of a true poet


As the clocks are ticking

And my heart is beating

I say, I am a poet


The tears that my eyes make

Will be remembered

As the words of today


No sweetness on earth

Will be both

The beauty of it words

And the effect it does


As I write those words

My heart will be a good listener of yours

And heal the pain that once was in your words


As much as emotional it gets

It’s never too late

For me to take away the pain

Perhaps, I will enjoy the pain


No, I am not insane

My words indeed, overcomes my brain

It drew all the smiles on my face

Written by...    

                    Tariq Suhail Al-Shaibani

                          (¯`·._.·[ TQ ]·._.·´¯)



© 2008 TQ

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it's a good poem. Some suggestions, try and get away from words that you think poets use: like beautiful and emotional - try rewriting taking those words out and forcing yourself to replace them with something else. being a poet should mean more than that, and you should be constantly pushing yourself as a writer away from ideas/words/metaphors, that you're comfortable with to things that challenge you. I don't think that this piece challenged you. I love the idea of identity: "I, A poet" - also the begining of this is much better than the ending, the ending starts to get rhyme and your don't need it. Stick with the vibe you had in the frist stanza see where that takes you... good luck! happy writing, hope that helps some...


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2008



Muscat, Oman

My name is Tariq Suhail I'm 14 years old I live in Oman ! I study an American Education Poetry writing is my Hobey :) more..

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