The Story For Another Day

The Story For Another Day

A Poem by Nayeli

An excruciatingly painful, overloading and untimely mindspill, brought to your by your local news cast for your enjoyment in the comfort of your bubble.

The horror film get-up meets the sassy-stylish f**k up,
a mind wrought within immediacy and the next lost within eternity.
Nothing alike though somehow the same, impossibly a connection was made.
Coherency slowly filling in what one time refused to let them end,
I can now tell you, tell you with some form of a clue
as to what I'm trying to say.  Let's begin during the day...

Keep your feet firmly on the ground; enemies all around.
The literal spin-off Lionheart is saved by the metaphorical seven-part
A straight forward phrase, and thickly abusing rhetoric at base;
one a falling deck of cards, the other a broken heart,
when tragedy meets the instability of the ticking time-bomb.

Keeping your secrets deep, you were never mine to keep;
no one is.  One day they'll all be gone and so will the bliss.
The questions floating upon all hearts and on the peripheral of every mind starts
at the end of every rainbow and in the middle of every happy moment bestowed
upon the glands that secrete the hormones that cause such illusions.
(You are such a goddamned fool.)

Seems like forever thinking that never
would I look in the mirror and see another there
beside me, beside me...beside me.  Predictably,
I will be that child with bright eyes and high hopes which
dictate such actions as doing anything ridiculous contractions
and everything to see them smile.
But you never know if today is going to be that final moment,
that final air of breath, the air of death
and you never ever see them again.

Though, he spread his wings wide with a broken heart to confide
his sins and his deeds that have been unlocked from within and bleeds
through his coat and down to the ground.  A world spinning around and round,
he stepped over the ledge, away his spirit flew before his body was even dead...

© 2010 Nayeli

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Powerful work, Ms. Nayeli... For a moment, I was at a lost to understand it, and perhaps still am, somewhat... But, going up to the end, it's made a little less foggy. Don't get it twisted; I very much enjoyed reading this piece... Yet another master with work I have the honor to read... Very great work, Ms.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2010
Last Updated on August 6, 2010
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Buffalo, NY

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