Blue Roses

Blue Roses

A Poem by Leah Willough



You’re a broken window

I’ve been suffocating

But lovers aren’t lovers

When lovers leave you waiting

All my favorite songs are sour

Every part of me is chipped

You broke all that I was 

When you bit my bottom lip

You’re just a boy with freckles

Who paints blue roses red

You tell me all about her

While you’re lying in my bed

You should probably know

That you’re destroying both of us

It’s hard for us to catch the light

When you cover us in dust

Now I’m looking kind of dated

And your story’s getting old

You’ve been pressing on this glass

And your hands are getting cold

I’ve never been in this place

My heart’s been bitten raw

Oh, the sparkling snows of yesteryear

You held them long enough to thaw

And I just wish my scars had faded

Before you showed up at my door

I just don’t think I can take this

Just leave my pieces on the floor

I know just how it goes

I know just how you’ll leave

Tell them it had to be this way

That I was broken, I was sweet

Because I’m not afraid of love

I was just afraid of you

I’m afraid of what they’ve done

I’m afraid of what you’ll do

I promise you can’t paint me red

I promise no one can

I promise I was happy once

That is, until he left

You only think you love me

Because I wilt for you

But you cant break my glass

Without bleeding too

I may be shattered, but you’re rotting

You’re not beautiful or sharp

You’re not just a boy with freckles

You’re a boy without a heart

But, you didn’t break me first

So don’t let yourself feel proud

You weren’t the only one who ran

No one ever sticks around

Make sure you’re certain you don’t love me

Before you really hit the road

Because now all of them feel guilty

Make sure it’s gone before you go

We were a love that’s fragile

They all knew we wouldn’t last

‘Cause breaking’s what you do

And I’m a girl of glass

I get blood all on my hands

When I try to stitch my wounds

And they all walk away clean

Saying “It’s not me it’s you.”

You were just a waste of time

But for a second we caught light

I should have asked if you were mine

I guess I hoped I wasn’t right

If I had been anyone else

Maybe I would have stayed together

I’m just a girl who cries too much

Feelings never last forever

I’ll never really be the only one

It will never be just me

You should have let me live alone

You should have let me be

You aren’t saying that you’re sorry

You’re just saying that you’re sad

You aren’t trying not to hurt me

You’re just hoping I’m not mad

You’ll enjoy your life

While I just try to breathe

‘Cause just like him and him and you

Everyone will leave

I told you that I loved you

When they said we wouldn’t make it

I don’t know what you want

If it’s my life just f*****g take it

You never should have kissed me

You should have told the truth

But that’s not what you did

So I suppose I’ll just stay blue

© 2018 Leah Willough

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Added on April 20, 2018
Last Updated on April 20, 2018
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Leah Willough
Leah Willough

Brooklyn, NY

I write poems that would be songs if I knew how to write sheet music. more..

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