Something Pretty

Something Pretty

A Poem by Novaki

A good massage and some low candle light
You know just how to make me feel alright
When I never thought I would have this
Never thought I would get anything like this at all
But I count on the moment being ruined
I count on my life and you seeing right through it
How invalid that I am
I'm a slave to everybody’s hands

I think I'm always filled with ecstasy
The way I'm always so sensually
Giving into and away
To anybodies gaze
Just look into my eyes
And you'll have me hypnotized

What am I supposed to do?
Be angry and mad at the world when I'm turned to goo
When I melt inside
When I feel alive
Am I supposed to hold onto the past
Of friendships that didn't last
Moments that went by too fast
Am I supposed to feel sorry for myself?
Do I pretend it never happened?
Do I pretend I lived a normal life.
Free of any exploration.
I'm not afraid of condemnation.
Am I supposed to hold onto being abused?
Giving into others demands?
Being what they wanted me to be?
What they wanted to see.
Or do I choose to live and be happy?
I know you want to hold me down.
Make sure I never smile and always frown.
Like I need you to tell me how wrong I am?
I already know what wrong is
And trust me, this really isn't it
I think you can calm down
And stop worrying about every body else
Stop telling other people what to do
Because they aren't like you
And your book of laws says everything is evil
Why don't you actually take the time
To taste the freedom that's inside
Hiding in each and every one of you

Nothing pretty
Nothing sweet
My life has been exceptionally unique
I hope I find the peace inside of me
But what you are telling me
Is I can't be me
Without giving into hypocrisy
But it's okay to be you
Because you haven't fucked up like I have?
Haven't made the same mistakes that I have?
Because you don't think like me
The truth is we're all afraid of hell
The truth is nobody wants to tell
No one wants to believe
In an absolute anything
So just enjoy the ride
Be like the animals that just simply live their lives
They don't question where they've been
What they've seen
It all means nothing and it all means everything
Just listen to your heart
Let your brain do the warning
Open up you souls
And just let the love in

© 2012 Novaki

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Added on August 15, 2012
Last Updated on August 15, 2012



Meridian, MS

Hello everyone :) I am a 20 year old college student in Mississippi. I have been diagnosed with a thought disorder and I am taking medicine for bipolar, and schizophrenia. This has all been a very.. more..

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