Sleepy Hollow: The Month of Krampus

Sleepy Hollow: The Month of Krampus

A Story by Nathaniel Rego

Since saving Abby from the underworld after defeating Hades the Greek god of the dead, Crane, herself, and Jenny experience a series of cases linked to various bad doers during the holidays.

A week had passed since Abby had been saved by Crane and Jenny from hell especially after her sacrificial succession in preventing the apocalypse from coming to Sleepy Hollow, New York. Meanwhile, as Pandora remained in hiding, two 20s guys were bashing and vandalizing snow globes and other gifts they have stolen in the following month of December 2015. But then, they each saw something unholy before them. It was a demonic humanoid goat dressed in all black wearing a large cloak. The monster had long sharp horns on his head, razored fingernails, sharp teeth, red vile eyes, and the hooves of a goat. The 2 guys ran off in fear but the creature took out and released a pair of clawed glowing whips snatching each guy by the legs. He then pulled and stuffed them both into his large dark red sack. Before leaving, he left a calling card in the form of chunks of large coal. 

The next day, Abby and Crane had been called to a resulting missing persons report. The kidnapping had been taking place at an alleyway where the 2 young men have vanished at the hands of the Christmas demon. Crane examined the chunks of coal before him and Abby.

"Lieutenant. I regonize these chunks of coal. These are left by only 1 unholy Christmas demon whose the shadow and rival of St Nicholas himself. The same demon that punishes bad people especially children during the holidays in December of every year. This is the doing of Krampus" Crane monologued to Abby.

Back at the archives inside the police department in Sleepy Hollow, Crane and Abby read some old books about Krampus. "It says in here that Krampus is the evil twin of Santa Clause also known as St Nicholas. His own job unlike the old immortal jolly gentlemen's is to punish bad and misbehaving children while leaving chunks of coal behind as he himself takes those misbehaving children to the underworld for him to devour them". "Explains the coal chunks Crane. Krampus of course will keep kidnapping and abducting bad doing kids and young adults until he is ready eat them in hell. That unholy night would be Christmas Eve". Crane replied, "such a creature dates back to German and Polish folklore, Ms Mills, therefore, he has been in hiding for centuries, according to General Washington whose warned me of the unholy Christmas demon". 

Crane and Abby knew that they needed to stop and subdue Krampus by Christmas Eve's end before he completes his in-hell dinner. So, they turned to Jenny who then told them that Krampus will end up vulnerable immediately unless he feeds on bad doing children in hell by midnight on Christmas Eve. Crane from there realized the only thing that could kill Krampus at that point was a gold arrow embalmed in pure holyness in the form of eggnog used once by Benjamin Franklin to weaken Krampus decades ago long enough for the monster to return Benjamin as a child to his family especially to recharge every 12 months of the year.   

In the forest outside town, Crane and Abby with Jenny tracked down Krampus to a large old tree which was a gate way to hell to where he was going to escort the 2 kidnapped bad boys and a recently bad and renegade typed goth girl who was 24 year old Katrina Tibbets. At that tree, Crane and Abby with Jenny confronted Krampus. While Jenny and Abby saved the 3 kidnapped young adults, Crane impaled Krampus in the heart via gold arrow and crossbow killing the beast instantly. Krampus then turned to dust since he had then failed to escort to and eat his victims in hell.

As the 3 reformed kids returned to their folks, Crane and Abby went back to the archives along with Jenny where they began celebrating Christmas the following day. Pandora yet was still on the lam and needed to be subdued for good. 


© 2015 Nathaniel Rego

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Added on December 24, 2015
Last Updated on December 24, 2015
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