To A Certain Writer (You Know Who You Are)

To A Certain Writer (You Know Who You Are)

A Poem by J. R.

This was written with a certain author in mind, but it also goes for bad writers in general

In my humblest of opinions,
Your work is a steaming crock
Why don't you go break your fingers
And on your lips install a lock?

My god, you're such a hack
Your characters are the opposite of deep
Just write a lot of flat stereotypes
And you're worshiped by legions of sheep

You put on a real show, pretending to be smart
In reality, you're just plain stinking dumb
You're a bloated bag of hot air
And so are your fans on the forum

You've created a following of mindless youths
That swallow your slop like honey
And follow your every misstep
While giving you even more money

And you go on about being edgy and ironic
And even f*****g witty
And you go and say you're a tortured soul
Well, isn't that a pity?

You insult far superior writers
And your fans copy your actions still
I guess it makes you feel so insecure
Being around someone with actual skill

Here's to you, you festering pile
And your lemmings in the autograph queue 
 Here's to the death of decent literature
I'm blaming it all on you

© 2010 J. R.

Author's Note

J. R.
The writer in question is not one on this website, just to clarify something

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Stephanie Meyer?

Posted 9 Years Ago

Well, I'm not one much for artistic innuendo. Conflicts should be addressed head on or left where they lie in their own mire. It's good sometimes to get angst out, work through it in a tangible way, but the emotion is finite, better time spent to glean the infinite.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 7, 2010
Last Updated on October 9, 2010
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J. R.

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