Loveless (working title)

Loveless (working title)

A Story by Gaige

I awoke to the sound of finches outside my window. It faced west so my room was rather dim. I scratched the cat sleeping contently on my stomach. It must be 9 or 10 am, but time doesn't exist to a fifteen year old on a Sunday morning. I pushed myself up, the cat rolled off my stomach to a less volatile position on the bed, and walked through my small room. My room isn't adorned in trophies and ribbons, I have a few plants, a bed, a chair and dresser. I didn't live here, this room simply housed me. I walked down the hall passed the old, yellowing bathroom. I walked to the big window in my living room, the blinds were open and I greeted whatever neighbor dared pass my house this Sunday morning with complete, unabashed nakedness. I waved at a girl walking passed that was roughly my age, and strangely enough she waved right back in a rather composed manner seeing as she was staring crotch to eye with a six foot, one hundred eighty pound (strikingly handsome) young man. I'd never seen here before, but I knew if there was a girl I could marry someday she would be, or be like, her.

© 2012 Gaige

Author's Note

I don't usually write stories. It seems rather light-hearted, but I'm not a light-hearted writer. It will very much be marred with tragedy eventually haha.

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Very good. A great opening paragraph, in fact. A bit sleepy at first, it quickly went into afterburner.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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