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A Story by ObsidianSea

This is based off of a dream.


I woke up quickly, my breath crystallizing in the cold air. I shivered and held my blanket close. I rose and saw the rows of cots around me, all the other kids shaking from the cold. I looked around and saw that someone had left one of the windows open, and i went to shut it. As i approached the windowsill, i saw that a makeshift rope was tied to it. I looked down at the rope, which stretched the 3 stories to the ground. I looked out to sea, the black tide that crashed against the rocks. Suddenly, The Headmaster rounded the corner of the building and looked up at me. I ducked instinctively, hoping he hadn't seen me. I dashed back to my cot as quickly as my feet would let me, and i pulled the blanket over my head.


I woke again to the sound of the other kids playing. The sun was up now, and it was warm. A few of The Headmaster's Assistants came into the room. We all grew silent immediately. They instructed us to follow them to the dining hall. We lined up single file, as we all had for years on end, and followed them quietly. We came into the mess hall and sat before our food. I noticed that my friend Alexander was nowhere to be found. I sat up and looked around the dining hall for him, but i didn't see him. I did notice that i was receiving several strange looks from The Headmaster's Assistants. They moved in on me and quietly escorted me to The Headmaster's Office. I looked back at some of my other friends as i was being escorted out. I screamed at them mentally, begging for them to do something. They just stared back, fearing for their lives. The Assistants walked me down a narrow hall lit by halogen lights. I looked up at the Assistant's faces. They didn't look back, they just kept the emotionless stare plastered eternally on their faces. We rounded a corner and walked up to a large wooden door. One of the Assistants opened it, and they pushed me inside. I heard the door lock behind me as i turned around to look at the Office. It was a bleak room, dimly lit by the lamp that sat on top of the large wooden desk in the center of the room. I noticed that there was a door behind the desk. I walk around the desk and open the door.


My breath was stolen from me as i gasped. I saw several small beds in the room, and my friend Alexander was strapped to one of them. He had IV needles in both arms and an oxygen mask over his face. I began to back away slowly. This was insane. I bumped into something behind me and i turned around. I found myself staring up at The Headmaster.

He spoke,"Your friend tried to escape." My eyes widened as the fear set in. I couldn't get around him, he took up the entire doorway. He moved forward and seized me by the shoulders. Several of the Assistants came in and grabbed hold of me. I tried fighting them with everything i had. One of them got me in the arm with a syringe, and i went limp. It was terrifying. I couldn't move. They set me down on the table and strapped my wrists and feet down. I felt them insert the IV needles into my elbows. The last thing i saw was The Headmaster towering over me as my eyes slowly closed.


I awoke with someone on top of me. I struggled for a moment until I could see. It was one of the Assistants. She tore the needles out of my arms and took off my restraints. This was very strange. She lifted me off the table and sat me against the wall.


She spoke,"We don't have much time".

I said,"what?"


I looked at her nameplate. Her name was Rebecca.


She didn't speak again, she just got me on my feet and led me into The Headmaster's Office. She looked around for a moment and grabbed a small machine gun that was inside The Headmaster's desk. She opened the door to the hallway, and we ran as fast as we could. We entered the dining hall and immediately ducked behind one of the tables. We had to be quiet, the big room amplified any sound we made. We saw two Assistants slowly walking around the dining hall, guarding against any escapes. We slowly crawled on our stomachs until we were within spitting distance of the door. We sprang up quickly and made a break for it. But the door wouldn't open. It was locked. The two Assistants immediately ran toward us. Rebecca took them out quickly with the submachine gun. It would be only moments before more arrived. We backed up and she turned the gun on the door. She shot the lock until it disintegrated, and we burst out the doors into the night. We ran as fast as we could. We ran up and down hills and across and through rivers. We ran until we couldn't run anymore. We stopped on a large, grassy hill. We fell on our backs, exhausted. I looked up and saw the stars. I cried, it was so beautiful. We started laughing, laughing like kids. We stared into the sky for what seemed like forever. We started hearing a noise after awhile, it sounded like an engine. We both sprang up and dashed into the treeline as a Jeep pulled into the clearing at the bottom of the hill. The driver's door opened, and the Headmaster stepped out. He was escorted by several of his Assistants.


They looked around for several minutes as we held out breath. I looked over at Rebecca, who now had an odd look on her face.

"As soon as i talk to them, start running."


Rebecca started walking down the hill toward The Headmaster and his Assistants.


The Headmaster spoke,"Rebecca, why have you done this? You have killed Elias and Davyd".


Rebecca snapped back,"And you have killed Alexander and countless others. Do not lecture me."


The Headmaster nodded his head down and rubbed his eyelids in frustration.


Rebecca spoke,"You'll never find him. He has been chosen".


The Headmaster said,"Mmm-hmm. We shall see. Kill her."


Rebecca quickly brought up the submachine gun she had hidden behind her back. Before the Assistants could pull the triggers on their guns, Rebecca aimed at the gas tank of the Jeep and fired. 

The explosion killed all of the Assistants instantly.

The Headmaster was drenched in burning gasoline. He burned, screaming, until he fell to the ground.


Rebecca dashed back up to the treeline and found me. 

"Just go! I have to free the others!" She turned and ran.


I turned and started running, and i ran for miles.

I ran until i could see the faint lights of a new world appear on the horizon.

© 2011 ObsidianSea

Author's Note

Be gentle :D

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I think I read this on Facebook. I love your style of storytelling.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 18, 2011
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Birmingham, AL

I'm a dreamer. 20. Male. Drummer. And a pretty crummy writer. Just peruse what i got and find whatever it is you're looking for. I have a particular taste for writing things about alternate.. more..

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