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The Scoop-News and Notes from the Dare County Animal Shelter Vol.II, #4

The Scoop-News and Notes from the Dare County Animal Shelter Vol.II, #4

A Story by obxaco

The Latest installment of my newspaper column






By: Richard C. Crino



February has been an exciting month so far at the Shelter and we have a lot of catching up to do so let’s jump right in…




On Thursday, February 7th, we enjoyed an evening at the Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head. We were pleased to see so many of our good friends and neighbors and meet a lot of new folks, as well. We estimate about 100 people attended and enjoyed wine, cheese, and good company while perusing a truly impressive and eclectic collection of artwork. This was the kickoff event for a month long promotion by the gallery to benefit the Outer Banks S.P.C.A.. For the entire month of February, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of “animal related” art or merchandise will be donated to help our animals! Thanks to everyone that attended, to the Seaside Art Gallery and to all of you that volunteered to make this happen!

Saturday, February 9th, we held our annual “Adopt the Love of your Life” Valentine’s Day event at the Shelter. Punch, cookies, and beautiful weather all added to the fun and, most importantly, we found good homes for some of our animals. The Shelter was spotless and decorated for the holiday. Even the dogs and cats wore special bandanas for the day. Thanks to all of you that attended or volunteered your time to make this another successful Valentine’s Day!



Not all fund raisers are, or need to be, big flashy events. Here, some kids show that they do their part in their own way and they deserve to be recognized for their selfless attitudes and social conscience.

Twice this month we have received donations from children that have had birthday parties where, instead of gifts for themselves, they requested that their guests bring gifts for the homeless pets at the Animal Shelter. We received bags and bags of food, toys, collars, stuffed animals, cookies, balls, and rawhides. I can’t express how that touches us that these young people are so generous at such a young age. Hats off to Scout Landry and Aubrey, some outstanding young people that really care!




The next event on our calendar is the “Pound-A-Thon” to be held on Friday, February 29th. This is a fundraiser sponsored by our friends at Puparazzi Pet Bow-tique in downtown Manteo.

Here’s your chance to have your friends, co-workers, or even your boss “impounded” for the day at the Dare County Animal Shelter! Once “in custody”, they will be given the opportunity to “raise bail” by phone in the form of donations to the Outer Banks S.P.C.A.! I’m hearing rumors that there may be some local celebrities and politicians turning themselves in for the cause! Beach 104 Fm will also be on location at the Shelter to broadcast live and will have prizes for participants.

“Warrants” are available at the Shelter or on Puparazzi’s website ( Don’t forget that all proceeds help us to help the animals of Dare County!




It will come as a surprise to no one when I tell you that we have an unusually high number of stray cats in Dare County. The number of cats that come to this shelter is staggering. We acknowledge that there are many well-meaning individuals and groups that are trying to slow this trend and I hope that January’s statistics are an indicator that progress is being made. Last month, 13 cats were reclaimed of 14 brought to the Shelter as strays! Even though six of those were being held in protective custody, that still shows an impressive percentage of reunions.

One of the more unlikely stories involves “Nuisance.” “Nuisance” is a shorthaired, gray, neutered male cat that was brought to us in early January from the Salvo area. He’d fallen in with the wrong crowd, you might say, as he was living with a known group of feral cats for some time. While it was obvious to us that he was affectionate and healthy, we had no lost reports or leads as to who he may belong to. After being held as a stray for the standard eight days, we had all but given up the hope of finding his rightful owner. At this point, he was given the name “Sterling”, moved across the hall to the cat room and put up for adoption. Another week or so went by before we were met at the door early one morning by Ms. Roberta Midgett from Salvo looking for her lost cat, “Nuisance”. Ms. Midgett had all but given up hope of finding her cat and was, of course, thrilled to be reunited with him.

Another reclaim of note was a spayed female that actually belonged to a supervised feral colony near Avon. She was recognized by her tell-tale notched ear and reclaimed by her owner.





Anyone who reads this column with any regularity knows that I go to great lengths to try to keep The Scoop upbeat and positive. I don’t like to preach or scold anyone and I always try to be diplomatic in my approach to sometimes difficult issues. This being said, I hope that you’ll forgive me this once, as I feel the need to address what I hope is just coincidence and not the beginning of a trend.

In the last few weeks we have had an unusual number of dogs coming from the Alligator River Wildlife Preserve. Two beautiful but emaciated hounds were brought to us on separate occasions recently by the good people from the Fish and Wildlife Service. I can hope that these two were lost hunting but I can’t find any good excuse for the other two. Two Lab mix puppies were found as well, not running loose or lost but in the trash can. Thankfully, they were alive and well and have already been adopted, hopefully never to remember being tossed out like so much trash.

There is just no excuse. There is never a charge to bring an animal to our Shelter and we’re here for just that purpose. If transportation is a problem we can pick them up. Please realize that these are not wild animals and most likely will not survive on their own.



Who’s Who at The Animal Shelter was suspended this week due to space constraints…the series should return next issue.




I wish I had more adoptions to report this issue, but to be perfectly honest, it’s been a little slow. Nevertheless, we are proud to announce that Kitty, Elvis, Cindy, Nathan, Nina, Tuesday, Tony, and Pickle (yes, Pickle) have new homes and families to spend Valentine’s Day with! We wish them and theirs the best of luck and, of course, we hope you’ll bring ‘em back to visit or at least send pictures!






I recently reclaimed my dog from the Animal Shelter after she was picked up running loose without tags. I realize that I was at fault in not having her tags on her, but I don’t understand why I had to pay $10 for a rabies shot even after I showed that she was current when I picked her up. Ms. L.D., Manteo


All stray animals that enter the Dare County Animal Shelter receive a rabies vaccination if we can not immediately determine current status. This is for the safety of our staff that may have to handle your animal and anyone else that may come into contact with her during her stay. If your dog or cat is wearing a rabies tag or Dare County license (as required by law), we can usually verify that they are current by tracing these tag number and we won’t give another shot. Keeping the appropriate tags on your pet will also greatly increase her chances of being returned to you without a trip to the Shelter!




Let’s not forget, too, that we humans invited and encouraged these animals to become dependent on us and we now have an obligation to care for them!



Send your questions or comments to:

Ask Animal Control

C/o Dare County Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 1000

Manteo, N.C. 27954


Rich at [email protected]

© 2008 obxaco

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Thanks again for the 411 well written.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have such a wonderful way of keeping the reader's attention. Your newsletters show the love for the animals you care for. I do hope that you will write more, as always a great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on February 17, 2008

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