The Scoop-OBX Vol.II, #5

The Scoop-OBX Vol.II, #5

A Story by obxaco

Latest intallment of local newspaper column sharing Animal Shelter Newsby an Animal Control Officer





By: Richard C. Crino


Hello Dare County! I’m writing “on location” this week from our state’s capitol! I’m actually in Raleigh with fellow Animal Control Officer Josie Alford on Shelter business. We are here to attend a workshop that will result in our being “Certified Rabies Vaccinators”. We are very fortunate that our Shelter Director and our S.P.C.A. Board believe in the continual improvement of our facility and training of our staff. In the last year or so we’ve sent representatives to Cruelty Investigation seminars, Emergency Management planning workshops, and other training opportunities. In addition, Shelter staff has taken advantage of FEMA’s online courses in everything from Incident Command and National Incident Management to Leadership and Effective Communication. Amanda will be attending a special Cruelty Workshop specifically for horses soon.




Friday, February 29th is the “Pound-A-Thon”! You’re running out of time if you are thinking of having your boss, co-worker, or family member “impounded” for the day at the Dare County Animal Shelter.

Go to the websites of our friends at Puparazzi Pet Bow-tique ( or Beach 104 Fm’s site( to download an “arrest warrant” or see us at the Shelter. Once “in custody”, your friends or loved ones will be given the opportunity to “raise bail” by phone in the form of donations to the Outer Banks S.P.C.A.! I’m hearing rumors that there may be some local celebrities and politicians turning themselves in for the cause!





Our calendar for the spring continues to fill up. We are in the midst of making final preparations for a Spring Rabies Clinic. We were quite pleased with the reception we received in Manns Harbor last fall and hope to reach those of you that live further south this time. We should be able to confirm exactly when and where the clinic will be held very soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get that in the next Scoop. Stay tuned.



Another event of interest is the American Red Cross Pet First Aid class. This will be held Saturday, April 5th at the Outer Banks Y.M.C.A.. Representatives from our Dare County S.P.C.A. will be there and it will be open to the public. Class size will be limited to 20 participants and the class is expected to last about six hours. The Outer Banks S.P.C.A. has generously offered to pay half of everyone's $50.00 registration fee. Information on how and when to sign up will be coming soon. This hard to find class is a good idea for anyone, and especially those of you that work with animals (groomers, trainers, breeders, hunters, etc.) because you just never know….




The Dare County S.P.C.A has donated and begun distributing oxygen masks specifically for pets to local fire departments and E.M.S.Iin the event that they should need them for animal victims of smoke inhalation at a fire - we hope they never have to use them.



Those of you that have had business with or have visited the Dare County Animal Shelter in the last few years probably already know Officer Brooks. Amanda Brooks is our Senior Animal Control Officer but may be found wearing any number of hats. No one, with the exception of our Shelter Director, is better versed in the policies and inner machinery of the Dare County Animal Shelter.

Amanda is originally from Newport News, Virginia and moved to the Outer Banks with her family at the age of thirteen. She is a graduate of Manteo High School and majored in biology at Virginia Tech.. She, like many, was drawn back to the Outer Banks and, in the summer of 2004, found what she still considers a calling here at the Dare County Animal Shelter.

Amanda obviously takes her job here to heart and has invested a lot of herself in this institution. I asked her to tell us about the best and worst parts of her job: " Seeing the same people bringing in animals year after year", Amanda feels is one of the worst aspects of her job but is quick to refocus. The best feeling is, "when an adopted animal comes to visit and you see how happy the owner and their new pet are".

Shelter work and Animal Control is stressful and often emotional work and we all need ways to let go and relax. Often, a good workout at the gym, or going for a run will be on Amanda's schedule-sometimes yoga does the trick. She is also an avid reader, and can get lost in Sudoko puzzles. However, and I'm sure our co-workers would agree, that we are most grateful for her hobby of baking a variety of cakes, cookies, and cobblers for the crew!

Officer Brooks lives in Colington with her sister, Amy, her dogs Sissy and Patches, and cats Ike and Sinatra. Amanda hopes to run an Animal Shelter of her own someday.




Wow! We have a lot of good adoptions to report this time! Since last we met Laverne, Milo, Einstein, Tink, Sydney, Toby, Simon, Sadie, Twiggy, Gabby, Lucky, Lady, Howdy, B.W., Emily, and Monty have gone to start a new life with some really good families. We wish them and theirs the best of luck and hope you'll bring 'em back to visit or at least send pictures!





I was told by my neighbor that there is a law in Dare County that says dogs can't run loose at night. I looked up the Dare County Ordinances and I couldn't find any law about this. Is she pulling my leg? Mrs. D., Manteo


There is a North Carolina Statute that reads: No person shall allow his dog over six months of age to run at large in the nighttime unaccompanied by the owner, or some other person by the owner's permission.... This is a State Law and that may be why it didn't come up under Dare County Ordinance. There is also a State Law prohibiting a female dog in heat from running at large at any time.



Let’s not forget, too, that we humans invited and encouraged these animals to become dependent on us and we now have an obligation to care for them!



Send your questions or comments to:

Ask Animal Control

C/o Dare County Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 1000

Manteo, N.C. 27954


Rich at [email protected]




© 2008 obxaco

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I do love reading your animal shelter news. I lived near Raleigh for many years, so this is like a slice of home every now and again. I would love to read a short story written by you with your local flavor and love for animals. Another great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 2, 2008