The Scoop OBX Vol.II, #7

The Scoop OBX Vol.II, #7

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By: Richard C. Crino


Spring is here! I hope everyone had a happy Easter and St. Patrick's Day. The S.P.C.A. participated in the Kelly's St. Patrick's Day parade again this year and I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all. I was amazed at the number of pets that were at or in the parade. It seemed like every dog in the Outer Banks was there! A big thank you to the Board Members and volunteers that helped us decorate the van and show off some of our animals.



I saw two litters of spring kittens, and a litter of puppies last week, all only about a week old. It's inevitable that the puppies and kittens of spring will be with us soon. This season will also, just as assuredly, bring calls to animal control about little families with puppies and kittens, raccoons, opossums, and all kinds of other critters raising their little ones under houses, sheds, and trailers. So, let's button up that underpinning and close up any holes in our foundations that might be inviting. Of course, we recommend and encourage that you get your pet spayed or neutered, but should you find her to be expecting, you'll need to keep her at home and provide her with an comfortable, clean, and quiet place to give birth and nurse. This is another lesson that I learned the hard way when, several years ago, my own dog gave birth to ten puppies while I was out- she had them right in the middle of my bed!




The spring rabies clinic will be held this Saturday, March 29th at the Volunteer Fire Department on Harbor Road in Avon. Hours will be from 11AM to 1PM and rabies shots for dogs and cats will be available for a cost of only $5.00. This is for Dare County residents only. Remember, all dogs and cats are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies by the time they reach four months of age. The Dare County Animal Shelter will be closed Saturday due to this event but, as always, an officer will be on call for emergencies.




Do you know what to do if your pet gets sick or injured until you can get him or her to a veterinarian? Responding quickly with the right care can make all the difference. What if you could learn to recognize an emergency and help your own (or someone else's) pet in that emergency? How about learning to perform CPR and basic first aid for a dog (or cat) in the event of a disaster or in a remote location? What if you could learn all of these things and more in one Saturday afternoon? The Outer Banks S.P.C.A. offers this opportunity.


We are accepting registrations for the American Red Cross Pet First Aid course that will be held Saturday, April 5th at the Outer Banks Y.M.C.A. This event is sponsored by the Outer Banks S.P.C.A., and is open to the public. Class size will be limited to 20 participants and the class is expected to last about 4 1/2 hours. Our S.P.C.A. has generously offered to pay half of everyone's $50.00 registration fee. Call Shelter Director, Denise Lambiotte at 475-5620 to get on board.



I can't tell you how good it makes us feel when we see the kids of this community getting involved. Pam Muse's fourth grade class at Manteo Elementary School raised and donated $51.00 at their bake sale to help the Outer Banks S.P.C.A. help the animals. It really says something about the teachers and parents and the educational programs that we try to put out there. We realize that educating is a big part of our job and we try to visit the schools on a regular basis. If you'd like us to visit your school or organization for a short presentation, feel free to contact the Shelter.

You don't have to be a kid to remember the animals on your special day. Sheila Tucker (a kid at heart) had a birthday party and requested that donations be made to the Animal Shelter in lieu of gifts. Thank you Sheila, and Happy Birthday!




Our employee profiles continue this week with Kennel Tech, Amy Brooks. Amy is the one behind the scenes, making sure that our animals are well taken care of on the weekends. She sees that they are well fed, kept clean and warm, exercised, given necessary medication, and even baths when they are scheduled to go home or to the vet on Monday mornings. Most importantly, she gives the rest of the staff peace of mind. We can take our weekend off without having to worry about the animals.

Amy moved to the Outer Banks from Newport News, Va. with her family when she was ten years old and has always loved animals . She has had cats all her life and says that she "adores them more than anything". She holds her long haired, black, cat "Sinatra" up to be "the best cat ever". Sinatra stole her heart two years ago when he was three months old and she fell for his big green eyes and fluffiness. Since he was a kitten, Amy says Sinatra has followed her everywhere and has even "talked" to her on occasion.

Many of you may know Amy from her full time job as a manager at the Food Lion store at Dare Center where she continues to work her way up the company ladder. I had to ask why a young lady that works hard all week would give up her weekends to work at the Animal Shelter. Amy again cited her love for animals, her curiosity and eagerness to learn about the animals, and the sheer joy she gets from seeing their excitement when she gets them out for some play time. She adds that, " I'd like to take them all home, but, on the other hand, I like to see the animals get adopted, too."

Amy lives in Colington with her sister, Amanda, her boyfriend, Mike, and, of course, Sinatra, "the best cat ever".





There have been twelve adoptions since last we met! In the last two weeks, Barley Ann and her brother Foster, Buffy, Sarge, Oliver Twist, Midnight, Sophia, Flicka, Dixie, Oreo, Beamer, and Assyla have all left the nest to start their new lives with some great families. We wish them and theirs the best of luck. As always, we hope you'll bring 'em back to visit or at least send pictures!



My dog had a litter of puppies almost three months ago and I'm having trouble selling them. Does this mean that I have to get them all shots, even though I'm going to sell them? Anonymous in Frisco


All dogs or cats on your property or under your care must be inoculated against rabies by the age of four months by state law. The fact that you have no intention of keeping the pups does not release you from this obligation. As I'm sure you are aware, there are other shots that puppies require, not necessarily by law, but as a responsible owner or breeder. These include parvovirus and distemper and are usually given by a veterinarian as three separate rounds of "puppy shots". Please contact your vet and get these done to get these pups a good start in life.





Let’s not forget, too, that we humans invited and encouraged these animals to become dependent on us and we now have an obligation to care for them!



Send your questions or comments to:

Ask Animal Control

C/o Dare County Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 1000

Manteo, N.C. 27954


Rich at [email protected]


© 2008 obxaco

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