The Scoop-OBX Vol. 3, 1

The Scoop-OBX Vol. 3, 1

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By: Richard C. Crino

Happy New Year! Again, we can’t thank all of you enough for the generosity shown to our animals throughout the last year and especially this holiday season. Our cup runneth over.
2008 was a good year and one that marked an anniversary for the Outer Banks SPCA. Fifteen years ago in 1993, a small group of tireless and dedicated animal lovers realized a long-standing goal of operating the Dare County Animal Shelter.
We also recognized thirty-five years having passed since the creation of the Dare County Animal Control Department in November of 1973 accompanied by a tax levy to create the first incarnation of our Dare County Animal Shelter. I hope to include some Shelter history in upcoming issues of The Scoop
We are forever indebted to these trailblazers for our very existence and for their contribution of blood, sweat, and tears on behalf of the hundreds, probably thousands, of animals that have been saved, rescued, and helped in so many ways over the years. In addition, we applaud you, the residents of Dare County, for your concern and generosity that has enabled us to come so far this quickly.




I spoke with Dave Penosky, President of the Outer Banks SPCA Board of Directors, as well as Paul Cagiano, former president and current Treasurer and asked what they thought were the greatest accomplishments of the passing year. They cited the following as evidence of the SPCA’s growth and direction…
  • The creation of a part-time Executive Director position as a most important step to insuring the future growth and development of our organization. She will be overseeing the day to day operations of the SPCA activities and should free the staff to concentrate on animal control and sheltering activities. An official introduction of the Executive Director is expected soon.
  • The long awaited and much needed addition of a representative to the Board from Hatteras Island in Mrs. Andrea Brothers.
  • The continued expansion and great reception of our Rabies Clinics. Each Clinic vaccinating more animals than the one before!
  • The policy of testing all of our cats for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS prior to being adopted was enacted this year.
  • The expansion of our Community Outreach- especially more visits to more schools, churches, and community groups
  • The acquisition of the Dare County Disaster Animal Response vehicle to be used in the event of a large event such as a hurricane or flood. This is a retired ambulance made available to us by Dare County that is being adapted to meet our needs.
  • All of our road officers have undergone specialized training to better respond to the increasing number of calls involving horses.
  • The adoption of over three hundred animals in the last twelve months and our increased use of rescue groups in placing some of our "Special Needs" pets.
  • The success of the Medical Emergency fund that has enabled us to help when, on occasion, an animal is in need of extraordinary veterinary care. Perhaps you remember the stories of "Oliver Twist" or "D-O-G"?
Oliver was a lost and flea infested young Chihuahua that was brought to the shelter as a stray. Initially, we were alarmed to see that this little guy had a deformity (likely since birth) that resulted in his right rear leg being tucked under his body and causing him some challenges in getting around. Almost immediately, though, we realized that his handicap didn't bother him as much as it did us and Oliver's determination and personality won us over. He even rode in the St. Patrick's Day parade! Well Oliver was sent to be evaluated and it was decided that he should be put up for adoption to a special home. No more special home could have been asked for than that of Nicki Crawford. With the help of Nicki and the Outer Banks S.P.C.A., "Oliver Twist" got the surgery that he needed and has happily recovered and even goes to work with his new mom each day!
D-O-G (Dee-Oh-Gee) is an adorable young terrier mix that had been signed over to the Shelter after being hit by a car in Manns Harbor. The Outer Banks SPCA and Shelter Director Denise Lambiotte thought that this young and very adoptable dog should be given another chance. Thanks to the emergency medical fund, we were able to get him the surgery he needed and he has adjusted well to life as a three-legged dog.
As it stands now, we can’t help nearly as many animals as we would like to or even every animal that needs help, but we are making real progress. Consider contributing to this fund to help offset the costs of helping animals like Oliver and D-O-G. Send contributions to the Outer Banks SPCA at P.O. Box 2477 Manteo, N.C. 27954 and designate it "Medical Fund".




OBSPCA President Penosky concluded our conversation with the promise to "do everything we can to keep the momentum going as we strive to be the best animal shelter in eastern North Carolina!"




The 2009 Dare County Dog Tags are on sale now. Just think of all the benefits we can offer your dogs for a mere $5.00 ($15.00 if unaltered). He or she will be able to be identified twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week if lost, injured, or arrested (hopefully not!). I can’t tell you how many times we have put owners together with finders of lost animals with no more than a phone call. Should Sparky find himself at the Animal Shelter, we will immediately know whom to call saving the possibility of having to pay board!
Licenses can be purchased at the Shelter, 1031 Driftwood Dr. in Manteo, at the Dare County satellite offices in Buxton and Kill Devil Hills, and there is now a mail-in form that you can download from our website ( The Dare County Dog Tag-an Outer Banks Tradition since 1975!


Even with the chaos of the holidays we were able to squeeze out several adoptions. Oreo, Faith, Gravy, Sissy, and littermates Honey and Dijon, all got their Christmas wish of a family to love and care for them. We, as always, wish them the best of luck and hope that you’ll bring ‘em back to visit or at least send pictures!

300+ ADOPTIONS IN 2008!

Three-hundred and nine animals were adopted in 2008! See how many of these guys and gals you remember…
Flounder, Tyler, Molly, Nick, Chica, Rex, Nellie, Sam, Ink, Jingle, Levi, Jasper, Sandy, Cookie, Dakota, Hunter, Taylor, Carly, Indigo, Tom, Wombat & Pearl, Silver, Lil’ Bit, Simon, Fawn, Chalupa, Janis, Annie, Callie, King & Rommel, Kitty, Elvis, Cindy, Nathan, Nina, Tuesday, Tony, Pickle (yes, Pickle), Laverne, Milo, Einstein, Tink, Sydney, Toby, Simon, Sadie, Twiggy, Gabby, Lucky, Lady, Howdy, B.W., Emily, Monty, Todd, Sailor, Bubbles, Harley, Paws, Tubby, Beauty, Jessie, Autumn, Barley Ann and her brother Foster, Buffy, Sarge, Midnight, Sophia, Flicka, Dixie, Oreo, Beamer, Assyla, Starsky & Hutch, Biggie, Hogan, Bella, Tyson, Buddy, Rose, Petunia, Sophie,Butters, Lola, Darla & Hardy, Bisou, Dixie, and Celeste.
Leo, Locke, Sawyer, Squid, Kate, Hurley, Lannie, Mac, Ace & Deuce, Atticus, Bigfoot, Buster, Wrangler, Brock, Sally, Bobby, Gracie, Raisin, Remy, Nemo, Mars, Pearl, Jewel, Elvis, Sarge, Misty, Maggie, Baby Girl, Punky, Adoris, Sage, Allie & Gator, Fred, Simone, Peanut(butter) & Jelly, Dewey, Sweetheart, Chloe, Artie, Ellie, Dottie, Hammy (the hamster), and Cheeka (the rabbit). Sprout, Spud, Vega, Tracker, Socks, Shoes, and Slippers, Sydney, Wags, Juno, and my special little buddy, Merle. (I think you should come back to visit, Merle!)
Donato, Spike, Friday, Arthur, BooBoo, Dolly, Lapis, Flash, Nana, Skipper, Coy, James Bond, Barbecue & Beans, Rucca, Hooch, Dutchess, Peace & Harmony, Shortstop, Scamp, Nehi, Izzy, Apple, Reba, Lancelot, Sabrina, Hancock, Metro, Elliott, Mitzi, Sassy, Lucy, Harley, Bagel, Cody, Festival, Greg, Splash, Delia, Derby, Mary, Betsy, Kamae, Fleetwood, Benji, Rhia, Squeaks, Nuts, Gordon, Dingo, Coco, Carolina, Mortimer, Tina, Madonna, Jade, Pan, Molly, Alanis, Dutchess, Mr. Echo, Lucy, Gina & Trina, Precious, Ritz, Goofy, Sunny, Troy, Squash, Gucci, Cal, Luna, Brie, Max (the puppy), Max (the Doberman), Rudy, Daju, Nikki, Noble, Banjo, Buddy, Oreo, Dale, Twiggy, Otis, Rima, Gunner, Coltrane, Colorado, Ranger, Patch, Dolly, BoBo, Boo, Punkin, Lace, Derby, Piper, and Sweetikins (I don’t name them, I just report them).
Cher, Addie, King, George, Sugar, Max, Shorty, Debby Girl & Wild Thing, Annie, Malibu, Zesty, Mufasa, Crystal, Noble, Teddy, Lucy, Eddie, Novak, Mason, Hope, Buttons, Star, Pip, Espresso, Lee & Leo, Ariel, Bella, Imus, Serena, Bain,Spartan (hooray!), Max, Abigail, Kit Kat (aka Rex), Bates (aka Hunter),Martha, Flounder, Hootie, Pilgrim, Little Bit, Willow, Elizabeth, Raleigh, and Visa!
We, as always, wish them the best of luck and hope that you’ll bring ‘em back to visit or at least send pictures!


I’m a little embarrassed to ask but my family is going through some hard times that I hope are going to be temporary. I’ve always taken good care of my animals but it’s just getting to be harder and harder. We get food stamps for us but they can’t be used for pet food. I don’t want to give up my pets but I’m starting to worry. Is there anywhere I can get help? Down on our luck in Hatteras


You’re not the only one that’s been hit hard by this downturn in the economy and no one wants you to give up your pets if there is any other way. There are wheels in motion to get pet food in to food banks and I am trying to compile a list of resources for folks in your situation. I will be glad to pass that on to anyone who may be interested. I just don’t want to overwhelm these groups as I don’t think all of the bugs have been worked out yet. Call me at the Shelter at 475-5620 or E-mail me and I will be glad help.

Let’s not forget, too, that we humans invited and encouraged these animals to become dependent on us and we now have an obligation to care for them!

Send your questions or comments to:

Ask Animal Control
C/o Dare County Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 1000
Manteo, N.C. 27954
E-mail Rich at

































© 2009 obxaco

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