Cold Water Fixes Everything [1]

Cold Water Fixes Everything [1]

A Story by ShAdOw

*beep beep beep*

My alarm clock screamed at 6 am. I rolled over and tapped the snooze button.

I looked at the clock and groaned. Another day at Goldwell High. I rolled out of bed and walked to my bathroom to shower. I let the water run, the cold from it numbed my fingers. When it finally got hot i jumped in and showered quickly. When i got out i dressed in faded jeans and a green top that said "Hows It Going To End?"

I grabbed my bag and walked down stairs to the kitchen. My mom had left for work, she is a real estate agent and she is showing houses all week. My dad was hurrying around the house with his breifcase trying to walk and tie his tie. He was probably late again for the law firm. I sat at the table and poured myself some cereal. I heard the toaster pop and i got up and took out the toast and sprayed some butter on them. I cut them in half and put them into a baggy. As my dad was rushing to the door i handed him his breakfast on the go.

"Thank you Lexie" he smiled whole heartedly and kissed my cheek

"Love you Dad" I said as he left

"Love you too kiddo " he shouted over his shoulder

I walked back inside and ate my breakfast alone as usual. I didnt mind though, I liked having the house to my self, it made me feel independant. I finished my breakfast and rinsed my bowl. I grabbed my bag and left for school. Ashley, my best friend, pulled up to my driveway and we were off to school. Ashley was the greatest. unlike me she is tall and has brown hair that is back length and she has a perfect volleyball body. she is also very verbose. im not shy but i just dont go around talking to everyone on the planet. I have my friends and im content with that.

"Hey girlie" Ashley said

"Whats up?" I asked

"Ugg another day of teachers trying to fail us" she said smiling

"Trying to fail YOU Ash, YOU being the operative word" I teased

"Sorry I forgot that your the teachers pet" she laughed

" Yeah right. Im not a sycophant or anything I just turn my work in and dont spend the whole class flirting with the guys around me" I looked at her and winked. She hit my arm playfully

"Shut up! I cant help it if I get seated by really cute guys" we laughed hysterically

She parked the car and we walked in.

"Ill see you in 3rd" she shouted

"Ok" I didnt look up from my lock on my locker

I pulled the lock free finally, put my backpack inside and pulled out my world history book. The bell rang and I walked to first period. I sat down in a desk toward the middle. I noticed that the desk that was usually empty behind me was now filled with a really cute guy. The class began and I tried to pay attention to the teacher but I couldnt keep my mind off the guy behind me. what was wrong with me id never let a guy affect me like this before. I started blushing. I heard the new guy laugh behind me. I quickly went over if I had just said anything aloud that he would have heard but i hadnt and he was behind me so he couldnt possibly see me blushing. I couldnt help but wonder what he was laughing about. the bell rang and I scooped up my things and tryed to leave quickly. I rushed out the door glad to be free of that class. I laughed at myself at the way I had acted

I turned to see Jennifer, the schools "popular" girl talking and flirting with the new guy. She was practically drooling over him. He talked and laughed with her but his eyes drifted to mine. He smiled and I quickly looked away. I opened my locker to put a barrier between me and his eyes. I grabbed my biology book and walked to class. He had obviously gone to class because he wasnt with Jennifer anymore. I convinced myself that it must have been someone behind me he was smiling at. When I got to biology the seat next to me had been vacated since last week because Mike Norrington had moved to Colorado and since then the seat hadnt been filled. A guy with long black hair sat in it. He was also very cute,.

"Hi im Kyle" he introduced himself politely as I sat down

"I'm Lexie" i said smiling at him, trying desparately not to blush and failing miserably.

Just then the teacher started class. I watched the teacher start to explain anatomy when i felt kyle shift away from me. I was confused by his action but I didnt ask. when I looked up at him he smiled. Obviously it wasnt me. The teacher called up Kyle for an example. He was talking about the abdomen and the obleaks so he had Kyle lift his shirt as an example of healthy abs, not to mention chizled. I blushed profusely and tried to hide my face. He let Kyle go back to his seat and I concentrated on the overhead. I just couldnt get my mind off of Kyle's abs though. I would have never guessed because he seemed so layed back and not the workout type. I fought back the strong urge to want to see them again. I knew I never would and that saddened me a bit, but I reminded myself that there would be others and I felt a little better. I looked over at Kyle and heard him cough to cover a small laugh.

"What?" I said smiling

"Nothing" he coughed again "Just a cough thats all" he grinned and I shook my head looking away.

Something very fishy was going on, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it!

© 2008 ShAdOw

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He-he. Very interesting! I bet she has a kick me sighn on her. or a pimple or worse....! Oh, my! Well goodbye! like the story

Posted 12 Years Ago

Cool story, reads very easily and kept me entertained. Might want to watch the grammar, forgot to capitalize a few times. Other than that, this was a very entertaining story. Keep up the good work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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