Cold Water Fixes Everything [3]

Cold Water Fixes Everything [3]

A Story by ShAdOw

I felt a hand grab my shoulder as I walked away from the classroom. I spun around quickly hoping for some reason it would be Matt. It was Kyle.

"May I walk you to class?" he said smiling

"Sure" I said shaking my head

"Hey why are you so jumpy?" he asked

"No reason." I said laughing a bit

"Oh so your always like this?" he asked jokingly

I stopped and scowled at him playfully.

"For your information Mister, I didn�t get a lot of sleep last night." I stated

"Nightmares?" he said. All traces of his joking gone.

I laughed

"How'd you know?" I said smiling and pushing his arm playfully

He smiled

"Lucky guess" He let the subject drop

"So what do we have next" he said as he snatched my schedule out of my hand.

"Art?" he said

"Uh huh " I answered

"Alright me too!" he said pulling out his schedule

I laughed and we walked into class.

We sat down in black marble tables that had 4 seats at each. There were two seats on either side of the table and they were all angled toward the front. I sat down with Kyle at one that was third from the back of the room. I saw Matt walk in and his gaze caught mine instantly. I smiled at him but he had a different kind of look on his face when he looked at me. A look of confusion but then he followed it with a smile as he walked toward my table.

"Hey Lexie" he said

"Hey Matt! Why don�t you sit with us?" I asked smiling.

"I see you two have met" Kyle said

"Huh?" I was confused

"Uh yeah Lexie and I have Spanish together. How did you two meet?" Matt answered

"Bio" Kyle answered

"Hold up... You two know each other?" I asked confused

"Yeah.. Um Lexie were brothers" Matt answered laughing a bit

I looked at them closely. They looked nothing alike.

"Could�ve fooled me,� I laughed

Just then Tyson walked into the room and walked towards our table. He walked up smiled

"Hey guys. " he said talking to Kyle and Matt

"Hey" they answered

"We didn�t get a chance to properly meet. Im Tyson" he said holding his hand out.

"Lexie" I said shaking his hand

"Oh I have something for you" he said and he handed me two little pills that he pulled out of his pocket

"Whats this? Drugs?" I asked confused.

"No, no...its Tylenol" he laughed

I looked at him confused

"For your head? You hit it pretty hard at lunch" he said

"Oh yeah" I said recalling the locker incident.

'I remember seeing you laughing' I thought to myself

"Trust me I can get girls on my own. I don�t need date rape drugs" he said laughing

'Thats for sure' I thought to myself

"Lexie how do you even know Tyson?" Kyle asked

"Oh I have World History with him first hour." I said

"Oh" Kyle said

"Why?" I asked

"No reason" he said

"Lexie I see you know my 2 brothers" Tyson stated

"Yeah..I have Bio with Kyle and Spanish with Matt. Wait you�re their brother too?!" I said baffled

They really didn�t look alike at all

'Of course I think all of them are hot! Greeeaaattt... this is turning into a soap opera. I can see it now.' I thought to myself

Just then the teacher called the class to order and all 3 boys sat down. I sat next to Kyle and across from Tyson and diagonal from Matt. The teacher walked around handing everyone a chunk of clay, a cup of water, and a mini pottery wheel. Since it was a small class there was enough for everyone to have their own. I started spinning a small pit that was slowly turning into a pot, then I was pulling up to try to make it thin and it just went to a lump again. I looked over and Matt had already spun his and was letting it dry, it was a beautiful pot with a diagonal top. Kyle was just pulling his off and it was a short round pot that was the cutest thing ever. I started again and Tyson did too. He, of course, finished fast and took it to dry. I was frustrated and all the sudden Matt was behind me.

"You have to be gentle..and patient,� he said

He grabbed my hands and held them lightly to the clay, guiding them. A beautiful rose glass formed right before my eyes.

"Alright, Matt is it? That�s a wonderful re-creation of the scene from 'Ghost' but in the future please let students do their own work" the teacher said and the class laughed, my cheeks burned red.

"My apologies" he said

I set my pot up to dry and cleaned up. The final bell rung and I packed up my things.

"Need a ride home?" Tyson asked

"Won�t your car be full?" I asked

"Nah I have a Tahoe. I have 8 seats.,� he said smiling

"Sure. But I have to stop at my locker" I said

I walked to my locker and pulled on the sticky lock. I yanked and yanked but it was jammed.

"Here" Kyle reached over and easily pulled the lock open with 2 fingers

"Whoa how did you-" I started

I saw Tyson shoot Kyle a warning glance.

"It just came undone. Must�ve been because you already pulled on it" Kyle finished

"Um thanks I guess,� I said

'Something�s not right' I thought

I went to put my books in and Tyson snatched them.

"No way. You�ll get a concussion if you keep hitting your head. Let me put your books away." he said already having put them away and shutting my locker.

"Thanks" I said and we all walked to his car. We got in and I sat in-between Matt and Kyle. I felt like a Lexie sandwich but I didn�t mind. I liked the bread.

"Where to?" Tyson asked

"Umm up this street. Make a left on Poppy Ridge and a right on Fire Den then one more left onto Black Prairie"

"Got it,� he said

We pulled up to my little house and I hopped out of the car.

�Thanks for the ride Tyson, I�ll see you all tomorrow � I said over my shoulder

I got warm smiles all around and I turned and walked into my house.

© 2008 ShAdOw

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