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Serious faces of people listening to people who mind,

Faces thinking of how they are going to benefit

Calculating faces of wheels turning

Faces hiding hatred and love

Faces educated to contain their truth

Faces in the round table

Uncomprehending faces that seem to comprehend

Understanding faces that don’t really do

Smiles that don’t quite reach the eyes

Faces with a shared history and yet not acknowledging each other

Faces that will change to accomplish missions

When do these faces really relax and say a genuine hello?


Faces as beautiful as only someone else can be

Housing unimaginable secrets and pain,

Smiling faces not really smiling,

Sweet faces, hiding the devil himself,

Long sad faces that have experienced so much joy but know that its just face,

Or maybe just Botox gone crazy.

Honest faces that tell you that you can relax,

Treacherous faces that surround our lives.


Expressions that brings tears to our eyes,

A mother’s face at the arrival of a long lost child.

Or a virgin bride marrying for love,

Grim faces of the child solders, the sweet feel of a lovers face.



© 2009 odhiambo

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I have seen these faces, I still see them every day. Your poetic style is awesome. Every line was leading me to the next with great expense for the time it took to get there. I agree with the last reviewer, I also like the repitition, and feel like it is needed to make your point so vivid. Laughed half way through, was caught off guard by the botox...Great Poem...

Posted 10 Years Ago

i'm going to disagree with that last guy who reviewed because i like the repititon, it carriers a beat throughout the piece and it reiterates the meaning of a face and all the connoatations that come with one and looking at somebody and the endless amount of emotions that can play across a face. however, perhaps changing the title would help in strengthening the piece, (personal view). i believe one spelling error, 'soilders' not 'solders' and other wise this one is a thought provoking piece. it catches me and i smile in remembering people watching habits.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was a very interesting piece and I like the precept put forth very much. The repetition of the word "face" or "faces" I thought was overdone. It became annoying after so many times. If you could eliminate half of them I feel it would improve the overall structure and strengthen the poem a great deal. There are many other words that could be substituted to the same effect without all the redundancy and repetition. Of course, that is only my own personal opinion but it is all I can offer. I still give it 100% for the creative idea behind the writing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

i really like this, it's just so true...awesome work

Posted 10 Years Ago

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writing is my life more..


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