His Diary

His Diary

A Story by odifiariel

Their beloved friend, Aaron, had committed suicide. But Teimour has an uneasy feeling that everything is not what it seems. It's up to them to investigate whether the incident was suicide or murder.


His Diary
( odifiariel )


“He had amazing friends, an amazing family, he seemingly has it all, the looks, talent, high grades, and even wealth. Nevertheless, he was suffering, he was doing everything to escape the reality he was facing. This shows that no matter how much you’re worth, how much you mean to others doesn’t matter when it comes down to your worst enemy, yourself,” said Teimour during the funeral of his friend, Aaron.


               The funeral went well and honored Aaron the way he rightfully deserves. He was a pure soul that suffered from extreme self-doubt, in turn drawing his conclusion. Following this tragic event, his friends, especially Teimour and Marthin had trouble moving on and accepting the fact that their beloved friend is gone. But whether they like it or not, they have to accept and move on with their life.


1 week after the tragedy…


It was Monday at Gray Lily University and the atmosphere was great and mysterious at the same time for Teimour.


One week had already gone by but Teimour still can’t help to ponder what if Aaron’s suicide wasn’t a suicide but rather a murder. He figured if he wanted to know the answer, he would have to investigate.


During break time, he decided to invite some of his friends to join him, and somehow try to make it work.


After quite some time of convincing, six of them agreed to join as Aaron was a significant part of their life.


They decided to meet up at Teimour’s house after class and try to see whether or not they’re attempt would be even possible.


               Upon arriving at Teimour’s luxurious-looking house, they first agreed that they need to have something to eat while talking.


               “So, as you all know, we need to find out what happened, and if it wasn’t a suicide, how do you guys think it’ll be set up? Any suggestions?” asked Teimour.


               “From what I heard the ‘suicide’ happened at a day where Aaron was the only one home, and his parents were away. It must’ve been a breakthrough of some sort,” suggested Luna.


               “What about you Daniel?” asked Teimour pointing at Daniel.


               “I agree with Luna but my only addition would be is that the murderer was not alone,” said Daniel.


               “It also might be someone who despises Aaron so bad but as far as I know, everyone loves him,” said Monna.


               “Everything was already said so mine’s the same as them,” said Sarah in complete agreement.


               “How about you Marthin?” asked Teimour while not looking at Marthin.


*snoring noises*


               “Are you sleeping?!” asked Sarah in an aggressive tone.


               “Oh… wai- Wha..?” Marthin suddenly woke up confused. “What’re you guys talking about?” asked Marthin.


               “We’ll explain later,” said Teimour with visible disappointment. “Maybe we’ll need to think outside the box on this one, what if one of his friends were the one to have murdered him? Kind of seems farfetched but it’s a possibility,” continued Teimour.


               “Yeah but that person must’ve been horrible,” said Monna in a shocking tone.


               “Oh, when did you last saw Aaron before his death?” asked Sarah.


               “I have no idea, my parents told me I have dissociative amnesia, my parents keep reminding me because I often forget,” answered Teimour, after which, he sighed.


               A moment of silence after that sentence.


               “So what’s our first plan?” asked Luna out of nowhere.


               “Let’s talk again tomorrow, we have a lot of schools works to do,” said Teimour. “You may go home now.”


               After everyone had gotten out, Sarah remained.


               “Why are you still here?” asked Teimour slightly confused


               “I’m considering staying here for the night so we can talk about the plan more, as long as it’s okay with your parents,” said Sarah in a hesitant tone.


               “I’m sure it’s fine with them as long as we’re responsible if you get what I mean,” said Teimour with a little chuckle.


               “No worries, I can control myself anyways,” replied Sarah casually.


               Teimour’s parents have arrived and were informed of Sarah’s stay for the night, and they didn’t mind and was fine with it.


Luckily for Sarah, Teimour had some clothes that could fit her or else she would’ve been in her uniform all night.


At the dinner table, Sarah felt very welcomed and Teimour’s family was very comfortable to be with hence the conversations went fairly long.


After dinner, all of them decided to go to their respective rooms, while Sarah volunteered to just sleep on the couch.


When Teimour’s parents had gone inside their room, Teimour went to accompany Sarah since the purpose of staying was to talk about the plan after all.


               “Hey, you awake?” Teimour checked on her.


               “Yeah, you wanna talk about it now?” responded Sarah.


               “Well, that’s the whole point on why you decided to stay for the night, right?” asked Teimour while tilting his head slightly.


               “Pretty much, so who’s gonna start?” asked Sarah.


               The night went on as planned, Sarah and Teimour were able to discuss some of their ideas while honoring their friend’s legacy, and the conversation, Teimour went to his room and Sarah had slept on the couch and will go back to her house at 3 after midnight.


The next day…


               Teimour and his friends decided that they will start their investigation on Saturday. Meanwhile, Daniel and Monna had their private chat at the park near the university regarding the risks they’re going to attempt.


               “So, do you think we’ll pull this off?” asked Daniel in monotone.


               “Teimour is very determined, we agreed to join him, we should trust ourselves,” said Monna.


               “But it’s off why Teimour would suddenly suspect something like this,” said Daniel while looking up thinking.


               “If you’re implying that he had any involvement, think again, they grew up together, they’re practically brothers,” said Monna with absolute certainty.


               “Well, I guess you’re right but until we know the truth, I’m not gonna stop thinking of possibilities,” said Daniel with slight disagreement.


               “That’s alright, besides we’re all in this together, for the sake of justice and everyone Aaron inspired,” said Monna.


               They continued their talk until Marthin arrived at the park and noticed them.


               “I see, there’s something between you two, huh?” said Marthin teasingly.


               “Shut up, why don’t you just join us?” asked Daniel stared down Marthin.


               “Well, I don’t wanna inter-” Marthin was cut off because Monna covered his mouth.


               “Say one more word and I’m gonna kick you,” said Monna aggressively.


               Marthin joined them but was in fear because of Monna’s aggression but he shared his insights to the two and the three of them had gone back to their respective home because it was getting late.


During all this, Sarah had invited Luna to come over to also discuss their take on the investigation they’re going to do.


                “What do you think about the plan?” asked Sarah.


                “I think it can be done, besides Aaron’s family would probably want to know what happened as well,” answered Luna.


                “Most likely, and I think it would be a great idea to gather more people so the operation would be quick.” Said Sarah.


                “Hmm… by the way Sarah, Teimour mentioned about one of Aaron’s friends could’ve possibly murdered him, who do you think it might be?” asked Luna.


                “Someone smart enough to do that and cover the whole thing up would be Marthin, but I highly doubt it,” said Sarah.


                “I mean, considering his actions, he showed little to no care from the last meeting but Marthin tends to be like that most of the time,” said Luna.


               “Daniel is also a possibility since he’s the one who’s very secretive among us. And he can very well hide his emotions no matter the situations,” said Sarah.


               “Yeah, but it doesn’t seem too unlikely for Aaron to kill himself, he’s felt lonely ever since he was a child,” said Luna.


               “We know that but we just want to dig if there’s more to it than meets the eye,” said Sarah.


               Sarah and Luna also had their private talk and took many things into account. Everyone seemed ready for the task they’re about to do. Then there’s Teimour, known for being emotional, almost lost it just thinking about what happened during the tragic event. Luckily for him, his friends can keep him calm before Saturday.





All of them gathered at the park looking fully prepared. After a brief moment of getting ready and retaining their composure, everyone went to Aaron’s house with the family’s permission. It seemed weird as the house almost had a very haunted house feel to it.


“So where did he kill himself?” asked Marthin.


Everyone looked at him seemingly disgusted by the way he asked the question so casually.


“What? I was just asking,” responded Marthin.


“In the basement, pal,” said Daniel.


Before going there, they went to Aaron’s room first as Aaron’s family that they didn’t clean it up in case of an investigation to come.


Luna checked the drawer and found pictures of Aaron with his friends looking happy. Marthin noticed Luna’s subtle mourning and quickly comforted her with a hug.


Meanwhile, Teimour opened Aaron’s computer to try and find files useful for their investigation. Monna decided to check on what Teimour was up to and helped him with what he’s doing.


Sarah looked at some of Aaron’s notebooks but only managed to find school notebooks. Daniel was only looking around most of the time and contributed little to none compared to others.


“Are you guys done yet?” asked Daniel.


“Would be much faster if you helped,” said Sarah.


“You guys took everything there is to do, I’ll just do more down the basement,” said Daniel.


“Sure, you will,” said Sarah.


                 It was about time their investigation in the room ended as they were only going in full circles. They tried to check everywhere to see where Aaron’s diary was, but they found nothing.


In the computer files, they only managed to find Aaron’s poems about his depression but almost all of them were saved not so recently.

Thus, after their business in Aaron’s room, they decided to go to the basement.


During on their way to the basement, Daniela and Monna had a brief conversation.


 “Why weren’t you helping?” asked Monna.


“I told you guys, already, there was nothing else to do,” said Daniel.


“You better help down there,” said Monna.


“Fine, whatever you say, princess,” said Daniel.


“Call me that again and I will rip off your throat,” said Monna.


               They finally arrived in the basement, and the first thing they saw was the rope that Aaron allegedly used to strangle himself.


Luna couldn’t hold her emotions, luckily Marthin was there to cheer her up.


Teimour almost broke down but he thought to himself to stay calm and to focus on the reason why they’re there.


Sarah pretended to hide her tears from bursting. Meanwhile, Daniel and Monna were already going around the basement that seemingly was a storage area.


               “Hey, guys! Take a look at this,” said Daniel as he showed a scarf that he had found on top of one of the tables with a mark that says “Best Friend Forever.”


               “That looks familiar,” said Sarah. “Hey Teimour, didn’t you have one of these with the exact design?”


               “I can’t remember but I think that’s one of the gifts he made for me,” said Teimour.


                “Hey, what’s this?” said Monna.


                 It was another scarf that had the design.


                 “Wait, wait, wait, were you here the last time Aaron was around?” asked Sarah.


                 “Again! I can’t remember,” claimed Teimour.


                 “This is getting suspicious,” said Daniel.


                 “Aaron’s family is a millionaire, why don’t they have any CCTVs installed?” said  Marthin.


                 “Stop it! Let’s just continue searching,” said Luna.


                  As they continue to walk around, they found yet another suspicious item, chains, it was lying around the floor.


But the team just ignored it and continued searching, this time Marthin found a bible that was dusty around the old standing clock near the walls.


Teimour was opening drawers here and there and noticed Aaron’s diary, and decided to hide it in his bag and not tell the rest of the team just yet.


               After a long time of searching, the team decided to stop and conclude based on what they had found.


               “Yeah, Aaron killed himself, there is just not enough proof he was murdered, but he had a lot of reason to kill himself,” said himself.


               “As much as I hate to admit it, Daniel’s right,” said Monna.


               “There must be something else here, we need to dig deeper,” said Sarah.


               “I am not accepting it! Not until I found a suicide note from Aaron himself!” shouted Luna.


               “Yeah, Aaron will not leave us without saying goodbye…” said Marthin.


               The team rambled with words until Teimour decided to stop them.


               “He killed himself,” said Teimour.


               “What did you just say?” said Luna.


               “I said he killed himself, here’s the suicide note,” said Teimour as he threw a piece of paper that was supposedly Aaron’s suicide note.


               After a moment of consideration, they finally accepted the outcome of their investigation.


Soon after, they went to their respective homes, hopeless and left in awe because of their discovery. They informed Aaron’s family and their families as well as to what went down.

Marthin decided to stay with Luna for a while, Monna refused to be accompanied by Daniel, Sarah wanted to be alone, and Teimour, alone.


Back in Teiomur’s room…


               Teimour decided to read the last bit of the diary and it seemed unusual because the penmanship wasn’t the same as others.


This day will remain as a hellacious day, not just for me but for everyone. I can’t believe what I had just done but I’m writing it in case I forget. My beloved friend, a brother to me, out of pure envy, I used the chain to knock him out and hang him so no one would suspect any murder. If anyone else is reading this other than me, I’m most likely dead, because I wouldn’t be able to handle the grieve of what I had just done.




               And the next day that followed, Sarah visited Teimour only for her eyes to widen at the sight of his parents crying nonstop as they discovered Teimour’s hanging body in the restroom.





© 2021 odifiariel

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Author's Note

This is one of the very first short stories I created months ago, I revised it a bit and I would like your opinion on it.

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Nice story. It was very suspenseful. Well done.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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