A Story by ODMK {Oliver D.M King]

This is a story about two twin brothers who grew up on a reservation in Northern Saskatchewan Canada. The story deals with love, hate, acceptance, tolerance, redemption, salvation, and growth.

The smell of blood and sweat invaded my nostrils as I ran further and further from the sound of sirens- but all I could here was the sound of my own heart. I knew that I went to far but redemption came to me in the form of my brother, isaiah. Tall like me, eyes like mine, hair too, if I stood in front of a frame and he on the other side you could swear he was a reflection. But after looks the similarities stop. My saviour.
Gravel was kicked up into my shoes as I looked up distracted by head lights I saw more flaring red and blue, they were coming for me. It felt like only hours ago I was on the deck of my cousins house after a show, people were laughing, everyone was good and I was inches away from getting with a girl who had eyes for me all night.
"Good god help me please? If you're out there, help me!" I thought as tears streamed down my eyes. The cops got closer and closer, just as they got within sight of me, my ankle twisted and I fell into the ditch to my right. I yelped in agony as I gathered myself, the sound of tires crunching rocks passed with great speed. On the tall grass and weeds I watched the colourful lights dance fourth then echoing into the fields harvest-ready wheat then disappear into the night where the stars met tree line.
It was luck! I convinced myself as I wiped dirty tears from my face. Limping thought the field I headed in the direction of my aunts house. That was where me and Isaiah lived for the last five years. Before that we were moved around from foster parent to foster parent until our aunt took us in and before that we were babies living with our parents, then my moms drug addiction came back and so did the desperation to feed her hunger for heroin, that was what got us taken away. Her womb was probably not the safest haven for the creator to put us in but we were born healthy identical twin boys.
Kiran was always the rebellious one. My first memory was back at one of the better foster families. He took all the food from the fridge and cupboards and  make believed himself a "gourmet meal" at four in the morning. He awoke the whole house with his gaging and we were shipped off soon after that. Of course it escalated from there.
I was the elder brother and for only seconds I was thought to be an only child until Kiran came out. I was proud to be the big brother but I had no initiative like Kiran. I was a natural leader but you try going against someone who was as energetic and charisma. Kiran always listened to me and did what I told him, but unfortunately I rarely told him what to do. One of the times I had told him what to do was tonight, run.
After packing our instruments into our beater of a van Kiran and I were invited to a house party in the reserve. We were rockstars in our area, I was the lead singer, Kiran, the guitarist and backing vocals. I too played but we had two others to carry the burden. When we got to the party a guy from another rez gave Kiran a 'f**k you' look as we walked in. He laughed it off but after almost half of a 60 of JD straight in two hours he was getting fought up by the b*****d, the last straw was when he said something about our mother. Then out came the knife.
In shock the party went silent and everyone turned to me. I knew what had happened. I ran to Kiran and took him away from the party- if it weren't for how drunk everyone had been what I did wouldn't have worked. I took his bloody jacket and made him run, run and never come back.
That was the last thing I said to Kiran and I hadn't seen him since.

© 2011 ODMK {Oliver D.M King]

Author's Note

ODMK {Oliver D.M King]
This is just one of twelve to twenty short chapters. Please tell me if there are any inconsistencies in the story I write it from my mind in the wee hours of the night. Advice is greatly appreciated and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

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I'm running...out of wakefulness. I like the story so far. I'll read RD2 tomorrow. very good storyline and writing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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ODMK {Oliver D.M King]
ODMK {Oliver D.M King]

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