A Story by ODMK {Oliver D.M King]

This is a story about two twin brothers who grew up on a reservation in Northern Saskatchewan Canada. The story deals with love, hate, acceptance, tolerance, redemption, salvation, and growth.




Inside me I knew this was big, this was going to create some sort of catalyst and that was fine for the most part. I knew that once it was over I would get better offers in my fairly new vocation. But not anticipating the win caught me off guard, and so did the wealth of new opportunities. Then there was the completely blindsiding snowball affect of people, nosy people, the paparazzi. 

I changed my name when I lived in Vancouver, when I applied for my passport I had to get a pardon for some of the things I had done but they were misdemeanours, there was no current warrants, I was doing good. Then I a green card but overall the move to Seattle was hard for me. Not a whole lot of job opportunities for a high school graduate with no prospects or aspirations. I washed dishes and moved into an apartment with two others and I liked it, but I wanted to go again. Eventually when I was in Los Angeles I started playing in small time bands and waiting tables.

People would ask about my background to which I replied, 'I don't feel comfortable talking about it' and if you googled me nothing would have come up I was a nobody but after the award everyone wanted to know about me. Today it seemed like every person wanted to get my whole life story and unfortunately I thought everything would come crashing down. My life before moving to British Colombia was not that hard to find. I thought it would mean the end of 'Hollywood  for me.


I did not try to contact my brother. Some people would ask why not? But I thought that it would be better for him to be as far away from me as possible. I loved him with all my heart but I thought if he came back here the trouble would start again, and even if he did have money it wasn't mine, even my girlfriend would tell me she would leave me if I didn't go hit him up for money. It was my right, but she was wrong, he made his destiny not I.

People would stop me and ask me about him on the street, people I didn't know. People came to my house and it was rough for the first couple of months. Eventually I moved out of my apartment because my girlfriend would invite anyone with a camera in. It wasn't anyone's business. Every time I would turn on the TV I would see reports on him, conversations about him, everything. It was ridiculous that people cared that much about what he had done before becoming famous. It was just a matter of time I guess that he would be sucked back into this world he came from.

There was a time long ago when me and him were over at our grandfather visiting with one of our relatives when he asked the two of us about what we wanted to be when we grew up. To which I replied a teacher, and Kiran said famous. My grandpa then gave us a grift, a guitar.

"With this Kiran you can learn to play it and maybe one day become a great artist" he smiled and turned to me "Teach your brother to keep his feet on the ground and maintain a calm heart" My whole life was spent trying to keep Kiran from being a troublemaker but it was never enough.

The same day I remembered that I walked away from drugs and alcohol. I realized I did what I was told, he was now a better person, Kiran was in a good place, and was for the longest time trying to achieve that and what stemmed from me taking responsibility and action into my hards created a situation for Kiran to realize his problems, after 6 months of finding my brother I knew it was time for me to be a better person and fight against my new situation.

© 2011 ODMK {Oliver D.M King]

Author's Note

ODMK {Oliver D.M King]
This is the fourth of twelve to twenty short chapters. Please tell me if there are any inconsistencies in the story I write it from my mind in the wee hours of the night. Advice is greatly appreciated and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

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Added on March 10, 2011
Last Updated on March 11, 2011
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ODMK {Oliver D.M King]
ODMK {Oliver D.M King]

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