Nature Is Extending Her Arms, Except The Hug

Nature Is Extending Her Arms, Except The Hug

A Story by Stephen

Take the time to open your ears and your eyes to see the beauty around you


We live in a society that is moving faster than most are able to keep up with. We are getting bogged down and overwhelmed. We are in such a hurry that we have become blind and deaf to the arms of nature who is asking us to take the time to find comfort in her. Can you imagine not being able to see all of the beautiful creations this world has on display? To not be able to watch the sunrise or the sunset with its magnificent colors or see the autumn hues that are beautifully portrayed by the brush strokes of God? Or to be able to even see another of your kind?

Can you imagine not being able to hear the sweet soft sounds of the birds in the morning, or the titter tatter of the soothing raindrops on a rainy day? To hear the waves crashing in on the sea shore or even hear the sound of a human’s voice? My answer is, probably not. I am so caught up in the rapidity of life and I have so tuned out these things of nature that I wouldn’t be able to even conceive of it. These are some of the things that we take for granted every day. We walk out the door, deaf to the sweet melodramatic tunes that nature sings for our ears, blind to the masterfully designed world in which we live, that are meant for our eyes to enjoy. Blind and deaf to the people that are reaching out to us. What if we awaken, to find that we can’t see? What if we awaken, to find that we can’t hear? Would we look back and try and remember what it was like to see the beautiful things of the world in all of its brilliant colors since now all we see is darkness. Would we look back and try and remember the sweet melodramatic tunes that nature sang since now all we hear is silence? My heart goes out to those that are deaf or blind, because I can’t imagine what life must be like for them. But I admire these people. I have had the privilege to know several people that have these impairments and I have to

 say that they are the most wonderful people that I know. They have caring hearts, they freely express themselves, they bend over backward to help others and they usually come with a unique talent. They are able to take music and make it something beautiful, or take an idea and turn into an amazing piece of art. We all know those throughout history that have had these disabilities and they left the world leaving a lasting resonance. People such as Beethoven, Ray Charles, Hellen Keller and many others. Let us be thankful for their contributions and for overcoming adversity, to not only leave an example for those that have to overcome the same, but for us as well. The very adversity they have overcome, we seem to choose by choice. We need to be thankful for what we have. Let us be thankful that we are able to see and hear the beautiful things of this world. Take the time to take a trail through the woods, to hear the sweet soft sounds of the birds singing, to hear the rustling of the leaves as the wind performs its beautiful symphony, to see the autumn colors so brilliantly painted by the brush of God. Take time to find peace in nature, because nature is waiting to give you her hug of peace.

© 2015 Stephen

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I understand where you are coming from. So many of us take for granted the beauty that lays in front of us if only we took the time to stop and look around; we could see something of absolute brilliance. Good job on the writing.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

thanks again

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