Joe Dickinson makes the Tim Conway show the most popular show on at 9pm

Joe Dickinson makes the Tim Conway show the most popular show on at 9pm

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Joe Dickinson


The Tim Conway show hit record views in the shows 5 year history of broadcasting. Their secret? Well that simple, they had young star Joe Dickinson live on the show. No you didn’t just accidentally read that, Joe Dickinson was actually on the show last night.  The Greg show producer Phil Collins says that Joe Dickinson has previous been planned to appear on the show last year, but Dickinson turned down the offer saying  that he has no intentions of doing any other projects this year, but may be willing to do it next year. Getting America’s young star to appear on the show is a mission in its own.  

Finally after months of waiting the young actor had agreed to be the guest star on a talk show, which is a dangerous area for Joe with his history. Was the Greg show a wise choice for Joe? Well the Greg show is one of those shows which are always broadcasted live, meaning that Joe has to answer the questions without preparing a relevant answer. This was great, Tim was able to be asked allot of questions Joe wouldn’t usually answer, but with the pressure of a audience, plus 35 million viewers, Joe wasn’t willing to be made a fool of.

The questions didn’t start off easy neither. Tim when straight into asking the questions, asking Joe what millions of fans wanted to know. “Are you on drugs” . The actor just laughed and said “ I knew you would ask this and the answer is NO.  It’s just some rumor which has been made up by the media (they all say that).  Some would say that Greg really shouldn’t be asking a 15 year old such awkward questions, but Joe knew the consequences of going on the show when signing the 42,000$ contract. The producer said that Joe was clearly talked though what type of questions he should expect to be asked and that Tim Conway wouldn’t go easy on him just because you’re young. The actor actually handled every question very well, even though Tim Conway was clearly purposely tying to wind him up, but, hey, Greg does that to every celebrity. On the plus side Joe didn’t walk off the show, as some actors have done, and neither did he punch Tim Conway in the face which Tim has been the victim of in the past.

The way someone so young   can be so funny, especially on live TV astonishes people.  Joe Dickinson was very funny through out the show (he even made Tim Conway smile) let alone the millions of viewers. If you think that it was just the TV viewers for the Greg shows was record high, then think again. The Greg show website also received 26,000+ comments in the 1 hour period the show was broadcasting. Many people explaining how they were on floor laughing from the way Joe Dickinson was handling every question in comedian way.

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin even commented about Joe Dickinson on the Tim Conway show. He said “from being a child star actor myself, I have first hand experience at what talk shows such as the Tim Conway show can be like. When I heard that Joe Dickinson was appearing on the Tim Conway show I honestly thought it was a terrible idea. These types of shows don’t bring the best of celebrity’s and normally make them look like  a fool, but I was totally wrong. Joe Dickinson totally owned Tim Conway and those questions Joe answered. I admire Joe and his attitude and wish his all the best in the future.

What a great start to the new series of the Tim Conway Show and lets hope we see Joe Dickinson on more talk shows!

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Added on July 20, 2012
Last Updated on July 20, 2012
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