Share the Pure Joy of What You Love

Share the Pure Joy of What You Love

A Poem by Micheal Teal

a collection of thoughts, prose and spiritual sayings


share the pure joy of what you love with every soul you meet and yours will be a sacred path that benefits all. 

cosmic is the energy within and when you release that energy into the world you raise your awareness to a reality beyond the physical which transforms your life in amazing ways. 

divine is a life fully lived, sacred is a life fully loved and miraculous are they who make it their purpose to accomplish both. 

within each of us is a bountiful garden of thoughts and perspectives which when watered with spirit blossom into actions of sacred beauty overflowing with love. 

awaken to the beauty that surrounds you for it is when we can truly see the simple miracles in our everyday life that we begin to discover our path and connect with our purpose. 

greater love for yourself will give you greater satisfaction in life and make you feel more alive as you connect with the heart and soul of your ethereal existence. 

we are the flow of creation and when we live our purpose in simple loving ways we unite the heavens and the earth in a sacred dance of open hearted bliss. 

my a.d.d, o.c.d and p.t.s.d were playing in the backyard of my dreams when they realized that if they said I am sorry and forgave themselves they could leave the yard and engage with others in ways that caressed their mind with a light and love which would lift them beyond their darkness to a place of joy where they could be who they truly are. 

yours is a soul waiting to blossom and when your thoughts, intentions and actions are beneficial to yourself and others you water that soul with a love most sacred. 

to live ones true purpose is a truly beautiful thing which inspires positive change while infusing life with waves of bliss that flow freely through every aspect of their existence. 

the universe loves you for you are its child. you are a heavenly light whose very essence is a gift to humanity. open your heart and soul to the beauty of your existence as you live your sacredness with great joy. 

freedom is a blessing that takes us out of the shadow into the divine light of a destiny shaped by spirit and embraced by love. 

may yours be a life of joy where you overcome challenges as you align with your souls purpose and live in the light of your true sacred beauty. 

I think today that I will embark on a spiritual adventure with my sacred self where together we will weave a world of wholeness and well being in which we embrace every person we encounter in supportive, compassionate and caring ways. 

the more fully we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to become our true sacred selves and the more likely it is that we will walk a path of love and blessings. 

I am inspired by those who live their greatness in subtle unassuming ways that greatly benefit themselves and others. 

precious is the gift of life. let us not waste it worrying what it may be. instead let us commit to making it something beautiful we can celebrate with pride. 

out beyond the reality of this painful existence is a new way of living in which people stop criticizing each and every word that comes out of a persons mouth and instead set their intentions to helping one another live in peace, happiness and harmony.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2018 Micheal Teal

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Thank-you for sharing this!
This is indeed thought provoking and enlightening.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on February 8, 2018
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Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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