Let Us See If On This Day We Can...

Let Us See If On This Day We Can...

A Poem by Micheal Teal

thoughts, prose, ideas, intentions...


let us see if on this day we can lift ourselves up without dragging each other down. let us make an effort to only make comments that help us grow and prosper. let us with profound gentleness seek to create a path of respect. let us live by example instead of criticizing the choices others have made. let us understand that our battle is not the only battle. let us simply take the time to think about the impact of our words. let us just be nice. let us see if on this day we can...

magical is the discovery of ones divine self as it is a blessing which when set free vibrates through the universe while illuminating a path to ascension.

what is your truth. mine is one of holistic beauty whose impact is beneficial to others in soul enhancing ways. what is your truth.

we have a mystical heritage which reveals itself when we look deep within the core of our being.

support your spiritual growth by helping others transform for it is through selfless acts which serve the greater good that we embrace our divine beauty and activate our sacred gifts.

awaken your heart and soul to the gifts from heaven that weave their way through your life and they will awaken you to the gifts of light that will guide you home to heaven.

love yourself fully, completely, unconditionally and eternally.

I walk in dreams through loving landscapes of poetic beauty where my spirit rejoices in a dance of liberation that breathes bliss into my divine existence.

my soul expands in healing purifying ways when I allow the light of the wisdom within to guide me to my true nature where I may blossom into a blessing of sacred beauty who makes worlds come alive.

from greater spirituality comes greater love and affection and from greater love and affection comes higher awareness which awakens our true self and guides us home to the brightness and beauty of our being.

sacred is the relationship between parent and child for it is the building block for all that is good in life.

whenever I meet extraordinary people whose gift is a spirit that is eternally loving and all embracing I ascend to a place of enlightenment where my open heart dances in the peaceful serenity of a beauty most sacred.

purity of spirit inspires within us a greater love for life which embraces our whole being with beautiful healing energies that work in harmony with the soul of who we are.

I have a passion to serve humanity and a purpose to save myself and together those blessings have enabled me to overcome all obstacles life has placed along my path.

darkness and depression are but realities of my existence that do not define me but instead inspire me to rise above their madness to a place of light where I may Bask in the glow of my true sacred self.

open yourself fully to the experience of love and you enrich the soul with sacred energies that nurture, balance and heal every aspect of your being.

when your authentic self loves your sacred self life becomes a joyous journey of harmony, happiness and light.

I was conversing with my heart about feeling more joy when my spirit stepped in and said to be truly alive and happy one must embrace the pure beauty of their being with greater love and understanding.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2018 Micheal Teal

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Added on February 21, 2018
Last Updated on February 21, 2018
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Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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