Look Closely At Every Step You Take Along Your Path Today

Look Closely At Every Step You Take Along Your Path Today

A Story by Micheal Teal

this is not a story but a collection of thoughts


look closely at every step you take along your path today for life reveals new possibilities for those of us who are truly awake, aware and alive.

today for breakfast fill your bowl with love and eat heartily as this will connect you to the universe and enrich your day with blessings.

you are loved. even if you can't feel it you are loved. even if you can't see it you are loved. even if you don't hear it you are loved. even if you are not experiencing it you are loved. even if you can't imagine it you are loved. I know this for I love you you. the heavens love you. life loves you. you are loved.

I take a moment each day to talk to myself from a past life so I can be aware of where I have been and choose better where I am going.

I awoke next to my true nature this morning and we talked of our common passions as we embraced the day with love, laughter and a sacred state of bliss.

my house is a house of love infused with inspiration where beings of light live in harmony and happiness.

you are an absolutely wonderful and beautiful being whose presence positively transforms this world. look closely at your life and you will not only see your blessings but you will also see those who have been blessed by your presence in their lives. you are a miracle to be cherished.

a smile is a spiritual realization that changes our world one heart at a time for a smile is a reflection of heavens beauty.

my life is my school and every day I learn new things which help me grow.

I was walking in the clouds one day when I came upon an angel who told me how they had been watching over me all my life. I asked why they had let me suffer so much and they said that they were there to watch over me and not to live my life for me. I was also told that they in fact sent many signs that they were there and scattered blessings along my path. they reminded me of how the darkness I had been through led me to the light. they showed me that had I not had the struggles that littered my existence I would not have met my wife and we would not have had our son. I smiled and said thank you. I was walking in the clouds one day when I was enlightened.

if you are unhappy focus on a new way of being. free yourself that you may be who you were born to be. open your heart and soul to the greatness that lies within. you are an extraordinary being of light with many blessings. believe in who you truly are and shape your path in a way that honors and celebrates your existence. you are alive and you are loved. you deserve to be happy. let happiness be your new reality.

in my happiest moments depression still haunts me so I invite it out to play and together we build castles in the sand as we create a new reality of beautiful blessed moments.

my morning song is one of peace and joy that inspires me to dance in celebration of the love that resides in the heart of humankind.

today I will walk my path with goodness and gratitude for I am alive and there is a light in the sky that shines radiantly on all my blessings.

I am a disciple of love whose life is one of inspired poetry that lights up my world with feelings of peace and serenity which connect me to the divine.

lets create a new reality of gentleness and goodness that we all can embrace as we gather in a circle of love.

my path, purpose and intention are to embrace the infinite in a sacred manner which lights the way to the garden of life where my soul may blossom.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2018 Micheal Teal

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Added on September 20, 2018
Last Updated on September 20, 2018


Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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