Move Forward Into A Place Of Positive Energy

Move Forward Into A Place Of Positive Energy

A Poem by Micheal Teal

this is a collection of thoughts set free into the universe

the clearer your direction the better able you will be to move forward into a place of positive energy and sacred illumination where you are blessed with gifts of spirit that enhance your divine existence.

no matter how down I have gotten in life my goal has always been the highest good.

ours is a destiny of our own creation. therefore I choose at this moment to venture out into the world with spirit as my guide and love as my goal.

I use metaphysical magnets to post miracles on my fridge. miracles such as a picture of my wife and son, a note reminding me to scatter seeds of love throughout my day and a reminder that I am a being of spirit worthy of joy and happiness.

I was listening to the song of my heart while filling my life with beautiful moments when I realized that by doing so I was coming alive in scared ways that enriched my world with love.

blessings are brilliantly beautiful gifts which when shared breathe light into our lives and love into our world.

look at life from a spiritual perspective and you will see landscapes of love, oceans of beauty, valleys of joy, mountains of bliss and rivers of divine passion and purpose.

I have been contacted by a healer and author this week as well as a shamanic spiritual mystic. one was to thank me for my words and the other was to ask for a reading. its at times like these when I am able to use my sacred gifts that I remember the joy which being of service brings. to all that I have helped over the years know that you have also helped me and for that I am eternally grateful.

beautifully craft for yourself a foundation of love upon which you can build a temple of divine purpose in which your spirit may grow and your soul may prosper.

we are sacred beings of light and if we follow our light it will take us in life affirming directions which lead us to greater joy and happiness.

I seem to manifest happiness whenever I nurture my spirituality for beliefs become blessings of bliss when they are loved.

know that each word you are reading at this moment resonates with energy that is profoundly loving and healing. each vowel and consonant carry with them a positive blessing. feel their radiance. see their light. embrace their love.

I am inspired by mystical visions that breathe life into my world which opens me to the sweetness of the sacred and the heaven in the heart of who I truly am.

we are blessed at birth with an innate goodness. no matter what struggles we have in the life that goodness remains within us. take the opportunity now to open yourself to the beauty within and release that goodness into your world.

open your heart to the reality that you have the ability to heal. by shining your light you cultivate healing. by loving and helping others you manifest healing. open your soul to the truth that you have the ability to miraculously change your life and the lives of those around you.

there is always a greater reality waiting for us to open the gateway and discover its sacred source of light and love.

within even the darkness there are dimensions of wellness which when explored can create a deep knowing that fills our life with healing and wholeness.

cancer is a constant in my life. as you know my parents died two days apart with my father dying on the day of my mothers funeral. I have grown tired of getting the news that yet another family member is on death row. there are far too many to mention here but its been like this since birth. in my family you basically just wait your turn. you know its coming you just don't know when. also it has no age restrictions. young or old it matters not. so embrace each moment while your here. give and receive as much love as possible. do things that make you happy. do things that make your soul sing. do things that make your spirit soar. enjoy the life you have while you have it.

it took a lot of suffering before I made the right changes. it took a lot of pain before I was able to see the light in the darkness. it took a lifetime of struggles before I was able to accept, acknowledge and embrace the beauty within my reach. look closely at what hurts you and see what has been hiding so that you can move forward and become the blissful being of love you were born to be.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2018 Micheal Teal

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Added on December 19, 2018
Last Updated on December 19, 2018
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Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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