I Turned On The Light Of Possibility

I Turned On The Light Of Possibility

A Story by Micheal Teal

not as much a story as a collection of thoughts


I turned on the light of possibility which allowed me to see an abundance of opportunities that helped me to create a life of meaning and purpose where I could grow in spirit as I manifested miracles.

when people tried to beat me I chose to better myself. when people tried to hurt me I responded with compassion. when people sought to break me I healed myself with the light of spirit. when people tried to love me I said no thank you for I realized that suffering and sorrow need not be a part of love. from that point on I surrounded myself with those whose love was true which was the blessing that transformed my world.

you are deserving. you are precious. you are unique. you are gifted. you are special. you are loved. you are enough. this is who you are.

I began to bring about positive personal change when I made the choice to approach everything in life with loving compassion.

you raise yourself up to a state of grace by reaching for higher realities and realms of existence which allow you to see clearly that you are a beautiful creation of light whose birthright is love.

envision for yourself a future bathed in warmth and aligned with the divine in which you are guided by spirit to a state of bliss called love.

be sure when you are online that it is social media you are using and not anti social media for far too many of us spend far too much time criticizing others.

the pure beauty of the divine within when shared shines a light on our life that serves as a blessing for ourself and others.

the other day I was kind to myself and that simple gesture inspired within me positive changes that helped my soul blossom and created harmony within.

my mind body and spirit were playing healing games with my heart and soul when my true authentic self joined them and together we carefully crafted a world of wellness that embraced our higher purpose.

there were times in my life where I truly believed that I was born with a broken heart and that it would never mend. I believed that love was an illusion, it wasn't real, it was just something fake that people used to manipulate you. then I met my soul mate and gradually she put together the pieces of my broken heart and it was then that I realized love was real and that I was worthy of it. today I am surrounded by love.

loving yourself fully and completely inspires the soul, awakens the heart and reshapes destiny.

I move forward in life by connecting with people in compassionate ways that enrich the heart and soul.

I believe in truth and it is that belief which has helped me rise from the ashes while guiding me along a path to greater joy and happiness.

positive thoughts can bring healing to your life, positive intentions can bring light to your journey and positive actions can bring love to every aspect of your existence. be positive.

I walk my path with pure intent for I am a spiritually alive being of light whose purpose is to help other sacred souls create a greater humanity.

consciously create for yourself an atmosphere of love centered in compassion and you will find that more and more days will be bathed in healing light and divine happiness.

bathe in the light of better choices and yours will be a positive and empowering journey of heart based living that opens doors to transformation.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2019 Micheal Teal

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An up lifting Write thanks for sharing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 20, 2019
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Micheal Teal


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